YOU Are Important. Plan Your Escape and Go!

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YOU Are Important. Plan Your Escape and Go!


So, you want to get away… but where?

Funds are limited. Time is limited.

All you know is of your need to escape.


Here’s where we can help.

We have begun a series in our Destinations section,  called “48 Hours in…”.
It’s designed to inspire you with ideas for a quick escape.
The world is large with many options. Depending on where you live depends on where you can escape.
If our page isn’t helping you yet (we are still working on content of all the places we’ve explored!), TripAdvisor is a great resource. Plug in some ideas and see what you come up with.

Funds are limited…. but are they?

Have you ever considered a camping getaway? You may not be a camper, but many campgrounds offer cabins or villas you can rent. It’s a cheap alternative to a hotel if it’s peace and quiet you are looking for.
If that’s not your style – or a city adventure is what you’re craving – think about your credit cards and frequent flyer miles. Can you use those to cash in some points for a getaway? We recently did that for an escape to Hobart. We cashed in points for airfare and hotel.
Then we did it AGAIN for another getaway to Adelaide.
The secret is having a credit card that has a reward program. We put all of our expenses on our one credit card and pay it off every month. We don’t rack up interest on the credit card, and we’re able to use the cash we would spend anyway as a travel fund.

Time is limited… but is it?

Maybe it’s just a day to yourself that you need? I spent an afternoon in the city shopping on my own recently. It’s not something I do often. Just being able to stop and look at whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, to be on my own, was enough. I had time to indulge in a free hand massage – something I wouldn’t do if I were with someone else.
If it’s really a get out of town escape you need, take a weekend. Two days or more is sometimes required to recharge your batteries. Escaping from your normal environment is great on it’s own. Add in sleeping in different bed (and actually sleeping), trying a new restaurant, seeing something you’ve never explored before – priceless.
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