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Want To Access To An Engaged Audience of Global Travellers?

My philosophy is straightforward: Inspire people to take the leap to live their dream life, as life is too short to simply exist.  Guide them to find their way to their dream life.  Show them, by being living proof, that it CAN be done and that they don’t have to wait until retirement to live the life they dream of having.

That’s done by:

  • Imparting detailed information on destinations most people dream of, so they can in turn dream, plan and experience it for themselves.
  • Offering travel tips that actually make sense.
  • Equipping readers with solid recommendations on great products, ‘test driven’ by a real traveller, so that their travels can be both smooth and enjoyable.
  • Providing inspiration to live the dream life, so that readers can find their own path to do the same.

The Travel Far Enough website draws avid travellers from across the world.  

The core readership are Empty Nesters, Independent Travellers, Long Term Travellers, Gap Year Travellers and Newbie Travellers.  

Primarily the readers are women, making up 76%.  46% are aged between 18-35 years. 54% are between 35+.

After being surveyed, readers are interested in:

    • Hearing about unique and self-contained escapes.
    • Learning how to pursue their own dream to travel long term.
    • How to travel on a budget, or generally how to save money while travelling.
    • Travel planning, both short and long term.
    • They want to know about recommended travel resources, based on experience.

The Website Stats

The Travel Far Enough website was launch in June of 2015 and as of February 2019, the following is reported:

The Travel Far Enough community is engaged, reaching over 21k through the website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram networks.   A potential 4 million are also reached through Pinterest Groups/Tribes and Facebook communities I’m invested in.

With a continued focus on a strong, loyal community, I’m proud to say that Travel Far Enough has a solid foundation to its community.

At this time, 51% are U.S. based; 17% are Australian, 6% are from the U.K. and 4% are Canadian, Other countries which attract a consistent readership include New Zealand, India, Germany, The Netherlands, Japan, and Italy.

Interestingly, 54% of my readers are under 35, 17% are between 35-44, 13% are 45-55 and 16% are 55 and over. 77% are female. 

I am in the Top 2% of contributors to Trip Advisor and my Pinterest page currently has 213k monthly viewers.


Working Together

Travel is our way of life and working with companies is what sustains the Travel Far Enough business.  I’m happy to engage in sponsorships, create long-term partnerships, leverage advertising space, as well as do speaking engagements and media work.

Press and Social Media Trips:

I’m currently accepting press and social media trips for both couple and solo travels.

Product Reviews:

I review a variety of travel-related products/services on the website. I’m happy to accept sponsored reviews, should you have a product you would like featured.  Such reviews include links back to the company website along with appropriate images and will be promoted across the TFE social media accounts.  All posts remain in the website archives.


I’m always open to running contests and giveaways via the TFE social media accounts.  If you’re interested in providing giveaways or prizes for contests, please contact me.

Banner Ads:

I will happily promote travel products which are relevant to the Travel Far Enough brand.  Feel free to contact me for information on pricing, sizes, and positions.


Please contact me for more information on any of the above or for my latest media kit.  Please note that my word is my value and greatly respected by the Travel Far Enough community. I reserve the right to write an honest opinion of the experience and/or product / service.

If you’d like to work with Travel Far Enough, please email:
Tara travelfarenough com

Who Is ‘Travel Far Enough’?

I am Tara Marlow, founder, writer, and photographer behind Travel Far Enough.

I love writing.  I love photography. And, I love travelling.  I’m living my dream life.  Through this website, I share the best locations, experiences, and accommodations with the amazing community I’ve established and I work to inspire them to take the leap to pursue their own dream life. That alone has made me happier than anything my corporate job could ever provide, the great paycheque notwithstanding.

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