Why You Need to Travel To Truly Live Life

If you Travel Far Enough…

I have a good friend that asks the same question every year:

“Where should I go on vacation?”

She works insane hours. Like 70 hours a week on a consistent basis. A week is not nearly long enough for her to get away, to decompress, to rejuvenate her soul.
I know from experience. I used to work that way too. When you are so stressed out, working insane hours just to keep your head above water, all you can think is ‘I need time away from this place! It doesn’t matter where… just tell me when, where and how – I’m there!’

Travelling helps your mind, body and soul.


Traveling allows you get out of your head, away from the business of the daily grind.
Traveling reminds you of what life should be about – adventure, relaxation, enjoyment.
Whatever it may be, just being in a different environment, watching other people carry out their daily lives, seeing majestic places you’ve always dreamed of, all allows the stress to melt away. It allows you to breathe.

When you travel, the clock somehow seems to slow down.

I have a ‘Living List’ of sorts. I call it that because it’s what kept me alive working those crazy corporate hours. I LIVED for my next trip. Now that I’m a travel blogger, I finally feel like I’m living that list.
But I get it – Not everyone can do as we do. I worked long and hard to get here, socking away savings and investing those savings so I could have this as my long-term plan.
Everyone is different when it comes to his or her own travel budget. Some are planners and sock away savings consistently, knowing they need an annual sanity break. There are others who scrape every penny together just to be able to go to the beach for a long weekend.
Whatever the budget, a vacation in my mind is one of life’s necessities. Call it:
“Living in the New Millennium: Air. Water. Food. Shelter. Clothing. Travel.”
The American mindset is moving to a global level:  ‘Live to Work’ rather than ‘Work to Live’”.
Don’t let it! Don’t let the mindset take hold!
Finding the balance between the vacation or holiday accrual you have, the savings in your account and what your soul craves, is like breathing.
You have to have something to look forward to.
You have to know that you have that time that you need. Time to disconnect. Sometimes it can be camping overnight, simply being in nature for a while. Other times, it means finding a month and checking off a place on your own living list.
Whatever it takes, your soul needs revitalizing. Your sanity depends on it.

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