Why you NEED to Start Checking Off Your Living List

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Why you NEED to Check Items Off your bucket list


Do you want to have a life
you can look back upon and say ‘I did that!’

Do you want to have a life people write about?

My bucket list is long. I have added and subtracted to the list over the years. I’ve checked things off as I went and now, as my baby girl gets closer to flying the coup, I’m about to move on with gusto with my list.
Will I be sad to see her go? Hell yes. I’m a mother!
But, when she goes off to live her life independently, so will I.
I want my life to matter. Four years ago, I was pouring my heart and soul into a job that was making me psycho. It didn’t fill a need other than to provide a consistent pay check and great medical insurance. The job was costing me time with my family and time with myself. I had to ask myself why. Why am I pursuing something that doesn’t make me happy?
Then, I asked myself a more important question:

What would I lose if I didn’t move forward and start REALLY LIVING my life?

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Here’s the kicker:

After 20 years of living on a farm in rural Australia, my mother died of cancer when she was 56. While she pursued activities she was interested in, I actually believe in my heart of hearts that she died of depression. That depression was the cultivator of her cancer. In moving to the country, I believe she sacrificed many of her own dreams that would have truly fulfilled her.   Yeah, I think it went deeper than what was written on her death certificate.

I want to live my life to the fullest.  I don’t want to say “I wish I had…”

We strive to do right by our kids. Perhaps Mum thought it was the best she could do for her family, putting her family’s needs before her own. Noble as that sounds, I want to set a better example for my daughter. I want to show her that mastering the passions in your life is what makes a GREAT life. My dream is to tell stories of the world as I travel through it. I want to do everything I have ever wanted to do in my life and then some.. I will fight like hell to make that happen and I want my daughter to do the same. This will be my legacy to her.

So, I will work on my bucket list one check mark at a time.

what's on your bucket list?
Check out “How to Make a Move on Your Bucket List Today” to get to that resounding ‘yes!” in your head and start putting your own plan in action.


What’s YOUR biggest dream?

Leave your comment below and tell us what your Top Bucket List item is

–  and when are you going for it?

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