Why You Need To Escape on a Girly Getaway

Why You Need to Escape.Girly.POST

If you’ve never had a girly getaway,

you are missing out on something really great in life.

No, I’m not talking about a hen’s night (bachelorette party). I’m not even talking about time away with your girlfriends. Not specifically. I’m talking about taking time out, creating time, with the women in your life.  It could be with your mum, your sister, your best friend or your daughter.  It can be a weekend away, an all girl road trip or, if you’re lucky, a luxurious holiday.

There is power in women coming together.

It’s something that cannot be explained easily.

It just is.

There have been times in my life where I felt bereft, lost, stressed out… and time with a friend over coffee or wine has eased the strain, but not necessarily healed.
Getaways heal.  Somehow getting away with the girls gives you a sense of yourself again.  You give yourself permission to put aside your role as a parent, a wife, a partner…. whatever your roles are in life… to just be yourself.
It’s not like we have to talk about what’s going on either (although it’s inevitable) because somehow there is an intuition like no other.  Women pick up on the unspoken.
Even as a mother, when I go away with my daughter, it is the time we need together. We reconnect again.  We talk about stuff.  Real stuff.  Stuff that gets lost in the errands and the homework.  The stuff that actually matters.  Even those teenager versus mother walls come down.
But it’s not easy.  Sometimes it’s hard to get away from our life, from our responsibilities. Sometimes it’s even more difficult to give ourselves permission to do this.  Women, mothers particularly, tend to put themselves last (I know I do!).
And yes, money is the other factor.  To go on retreats, it takes money.  To go away for long weekend, it takes money.

But when do we say “I need this’?

Because it’s time we need.  It’s something we have to do.   It’s a goal worth saving toward.
There are many ways to get away, geared toward all budgets.  Here are some ideas to get your planning started:
  • I’ve put together a list of retreats that I’ve learned about through my blogging connections. Although I haven’t been to all of these, they are all on my want list.  The point is to give you some ideas for getaways.
  • Camping is another idea. It’s cheap and it’s a great way to just ‘be’ for a while.  Natalie and I took a week long road trip last year, driving the Pacific Highway from Sydney to Byron Bay.  This year we road-tripped to the Australia’s Snowy Mountains and stayed in a cabin. Neither trips were expensive yet both were memorable.  Priceless really.
  • The best getaway with your girlfriends is to escape to a place in the mountains, where spa facilities are on offer and the wine is plentiful.
This is the type getaway I’d love to organise with my closest girlfriends.  The problem is we live in 4 different parts of the world.  How do we get around it?  Emails, chats…seeing each other when we can.  So, for us, that last kind of get-together takes commitment and lots of saving but sometimes just knowing they are there helps more than words (or retreats) can say.
Why You Need To Escape on a Girly Getaway | If you’ve never had a girly getaway, you are missing out on something really great in life.

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