Why Mount Wellington is on the TripAdvisor ‘Must See’ List

Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington, the mountain that overlooks Tasmania’s Hobart,  is beyond any other lookout I’ve been to. Even calling it a ‘lookout’ seems unjust.

We had read over and over about Mount Wellington’s beauty.  It was cited on many ‘must-do’ lists. It shames me to admit that I initially wanted to pass on it because I thought a 40 minute drive up to a lookout was a waste of time-was I ever wrong.
After an hour or so of looking around downtown Hobart, we looked to the sky for any impending bad weather. It looked clear so we decided it was time to discover “Kunanyi”, the Aboriginal name for Mount Wellington given long before the arrival of the Europeans. The locals simply refer to it as ‘the Mountain‘. We wanted to understand for ourselves why it was on TripAdvisor’s Top 5 Things to Do.
After the 40 minute drive along windy, narrow roads, we reached the peak. It was a lovely drive up the mountain, as our necks craned behind us to see the views below, but we figured with daylight burning, we’d go to the top and then if we had time, stop at these lovely points on the way back down.
We quickly came to understand the reason of why Mount Wellington is on many ‘must see‘ lists.  The view is absolutely spectacular. This is not like any lookout I had seen before. It was breathtaking, which would also describe the freezing temperature and altitude affliction we experienced at the top. It’s beyond any other lookout I’ve been to. Even calling it a ‘lookout’ seems unjust.  Calling it a gateway to heaven seems more appropriate.
Mount Wellington is a nature reserve, stretching over 20km west of the Mountain’s pinnacle, and encompasses 18,250 hectares (45,096 acres). From the pinnacle, not only do you have amazing views of downtown Hobart, which the Mountain protects from the westerly sun, but you can also see down the coastline to the end of Australia. The water, a crystal blue-green, sparkles below when sunlight has an opportunity to break through the clouds.
We braved the cold and and explored the area, over rocks and down metal pathways. We must have been up there for 3 hours through rain, sleet and sunshine. It was magical.  My camera could not snap enough pictures of the cloud formations.  It must have had a mind of it’s own!
Mount Wellington was our introduction to Hobart and it left the rest of our trip a great deal to live up to. We were not disappointed.
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