Why You Should Visit Boracay in the Philippines

When we began looking at our Round The World (RTW) List, we realised that we have a lot traveller friends.

So, I asked them where they’ve been, what they loved, where they would recommend.

They all have varying travel styles, loves, and things they love/hate about travel, so wouldn’t it be great to ask for their opinions?
Better yet, why not see some of the same great places they’ve been too?!
So, I sent off an email asking friends and family alike.  I was overwhelmed with the positive responses.   ‘Yes! I’d love to contribute!’
Some sent me their recommendations straight away, others said they’d love to but needed a little time due to busy schedules, others needed time to find photos to accompany their recommendations.
Many asked if they could contribute more than one recommendation.  (Of course!)  There was so much excitement in the responses, I had to sit back and take it all in.  With all the eagerness, I felt I was about to start my own version of TripAdvisor!  (OK, not really…)

So, I’m starting with my friend (and family member) Casey.  She is a world traveller, as many of my friends are.  I guess travellers naturally gravitate to each other.
Casey has been to many places, but one of her all-time favourites is Boracay in the Philippines. Here is her recommendation:
Somewhere that should be on everyone’s Living List:

Boracay, Philippines

What makes is so great:  

It’s a tiny, remote island nestled in a 7100+ island country.  When I say remote, the only way to get there is to fly to a neighboring island and water taxi to Boracay.  Though there are tourists who visit, the island is dominated by locals.  In fact, over time, they’ve created their own dialect of Tagalog that mainlanders have a difficulty understanding.
The island itself encompasses every picture, every dream of paradise.  The white sand is soft as flour (note, it is so fine, you’ll take some home with you whether you like it or not!), the sunsets are dotted with handmade sail boats.
The people—the friendlies on the planet.  The island is just long enough to take an afternoon stroll, and back.  And a taxi ride in a tuk tuk can cost as little as 7 pesos.  It is the best place to decompress—even if it is only for a weekend.


  • To eat:  The Kasbah.  Best darn Moroccan food! ($$)
  • To cool off:  Drink a shake a Jonah’s.  I recommend the avocado shake.  It will become a daily ritual. ($)
  • How to pass off like a local:  Eat grilled squid from a street vendor.   It was brought from the oceans minutes before you put it in your mouth. ($)
  • Where to stay:  Ambassador in Paradise.  Perfect location—off the beaten path—but close enough to walk everywhere.  Oh, and they offer $10 massages on the beach. ($$).

Do you have a recommendation of a must do/see that we should put on our RTW list?

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