Sydney Out Back for a Unique Australian Experience

Want a better way to discover Australia’s history than a trip to a museum?

Are you looking to explore the real Australian bush? 

What about experiencing an Aboriginal Welcome Ceremony?
How about a relaxing cruise the Hawkesbury River on a sunny afternoon, eating a delicious lunch made from local Australian ingredients from the bush?
Are you a local looking for an escape from the concrete jungle for a while?
Or are you a visitor in Sydney, looking to find an authentic Australian cultural experience?

It’s all here in one package.

Rather than spending hours on a bus to have only a few hours at your destination, Sydney Out Back offers a full day package of land and water.
The tours are small, offering you an intimate experience to hear the information, ask questions, and get to know not only your hosts, but other travelers as you are immersed in cultural heritage.
With a pickup at 8am and return to the city around 5pm, you have a full day to see, eat, touch and smell the Aussie bush for yourself.
Your tour begins with a history lesson as you make your way to the Mt. Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park.  Upon entering the park, you’ll learn about the secluded America Cove and see Brooklyn beyond, before you are taken to a secret bush track that ends with stunning views overlooking the park and Akuna Bay.
As your tour continues, you’ll learn about a hidden sacred Aboriginal site and learn not only what the carvings are and what they mean, but why they are now sacred.
You’ll visit West Head Lookout to view the beautiful north end of Sydney, admiring the five joining waterways that make up the Hawkesbury River, gaze upon Barrenjoey Lighthouse as it surveys the Tasman Sea, and it’s here at West Head that you’ll experience an Aboriginal Welcome Ceremony.

It’s all within an hour of Sydney.

From here, it’s on to a relaxing cruise through Mt. Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park, beginning at the lovely Akuna Bay.   As you enjoy the gorgeous waters of Cowan and Smith Creeks, lunch is served.
Ever wanted to try Kangaroo?  Here’s your chance.  Bush tomatoes and lemon myrtle?  Yep, they are on offer as well as other delicious bush tucker.
As you cruise the waterways, you’ll view Aboriginal art on the creek’s bordering rocks, which you may not otherwise even notice. These paintings have been around a while. Some possibly thousands of years.
Want to try your hand at playing a didgeridoo?  Here’s your chance. On your return to Akuna Bay, you’ll have an opportunity to learn. It may even surprise you can actually play after you learn the trick to playing this instrument.
Want to learn more about how the original Australians survived the harsh Aussie bush?  Here’s your chance to hear it for yourself.  Better yet, you can touch the tools, taste the seeds, experience the painting techniques.  It’s all here.
And if you aren’t convinced yet, I will tell you that as someone who grew up in Sydney, I had no idea that over 1500 registered Aboriginal sites were here in the park. Right here in my own backyard.
Moreover, I learned more on this day out adventure than I ever did in school. I wasn’t the only Aussie on our tour to admit that either.
At the end of your day, as you journey back to the city, Paul and the team will encourage you to reflect on your day, sharing your favourite part of the experience, which is also an Aboriginal tradition.  After our experience, I wasn’t surprised that everyone had something different to say.

There is something for everyone. And yes, this is all within an hour of Sydney. 

While the cost of this tour is a little more than we would normally pay for a tour (we are budget travelers after all), we would recommend it over any other ‘Aussie experience’ that’s on offer from Sydney.  Between the Indigenous education, the gorgeous cruise, and the friendly, small-tour experience, it’s worth it.
For more information, check out Sydney Out Back’s website here.
DISCLOSURE:  This was a sponsored experience but please know that, as with everything we publish, we only offer our honest opinion.
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