Sunday Afternoon In… Hobart

We left our house early and upon arriving at the airport, sailed through the domestic terminal, then sat back and relaxed to enjoy the two-hour flight to Hobart via QANTAS. It was one of the smoothest travel experiences I’ve ever had, the perfect prelude to spending an idyllic day in Hobart.
Upon arriving, we picked up our zippy Audi A1 rental from Europcar and drove the easy 20 minutes into the Hobart CBD to the The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel where we checked in before spending the rest of the day just wandering the marina, Salamanca Place and the surrounding neighbourhoods—all within 4 hours of leaving our house in Sydney!  Bliss!

We fell in love with Hobart almost immediately.

Hobart is a big town with an abundance of character.  It’s history is evident. Victorian architecture blends subtly with modern conveniences.  As we walked around the busy marina, it felt as if we were the only people around to enjoy it.
Fishing trawlers gently rocked back and forth on the tide, spent from their morning hauls. Ferries to MONA awaited passengers at the pier.   Friends sat at outside tables, hoisting pints and chatting, drinking in the abundant sunshine.  It was a dream location, so relaxed and laid back.
We wandered around Salamanca Place. The artwork was unique, showing the best of Hobart’s artisans. The smells of some of the Tasmanian wood pieces were intoxicating. Smiling, happy sales people greeted us more as old friends than as customers in each shop we entered.
Our exploration took us up Kelly’s Steps then around and down to Battery Point, where we discovered Prince’s Park overlooking the water.  The locals played with their kids at the playground and twenty-somethings laid out on the grass, catching up with friends.  With the historic houses encircling the park and sailboats tacking back and forth on the harbour, we let serenity engulf us.
Heading back toward the Marina, I couldn’t stop taking pictures.  I wanted to capture every exquisite moment. We found some shade at St Davids Park, another beautiful place the locals also seemed to appreciate.  We are all about the parks and green spaces.
But we knew daylight was burning and we still had a lot to see, so we picked up our zippy rental from the hotel and drove up to Mount Wellington.  But that’s another post...

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