Sometimes Life Shows You Your Reality

Life brings unexpected turns.

One day it’s wine and roses, the next turns into the compost heap.

When a life-changing event occurs in your life, you have a unique opportunity to clearly see what is important and reassess the life you have built.

“Life is short” constantly screams in my head.

We’ve been through a number of life-changing events: Custody changes, deaths of loved ones, heart attacks, overseas moves…
What always comes as a surprise to me, as you go through the motions, is how life shows you the reality of your life when these things happen.
Conversations you have been meaning to have, really deep conversations, finally take place.
You make decisions you’ve somehow been procrastinating, mostly I think from a fear of change.
You reassess what your life dreams are and start making plans to make them happen because when it’s all said and done, are you going to look back your life story and be happy with the read?

It’s moments like this when you take another look at your life, often realizing you’ve simply been existing in your daily life.

You also notice who stands next to you, when you really need it.  This is when friendships shine or fizzle.
These are the moments when you rely on those around you. You need support, emotional and sometimes physical.  When those moments hit, you really start to see the true friendships in your life. It’s those who realize that life is more important than projects or workload and is willing to be there for you through this minefield of emotions.

When you are dealing with this load of lemons life has delivered to you, it’s the little gestures (not forgetting the grand ones) that make a difference.

Like the friend who calls you just to check in; The person who sends a text to let you know they are thinking about you, when they can’t physically be there; The one that brings you dinner or takes you out, just to get you out of the house for a change of scenery; The friend that offers to help with the chores, so that you can take care of the important stuff;  And there are those who are willing to just sit and listen.
These friends may be up to their eyeballs in their own lives, but just to reach out, to listen, to ‘do’ makes the difference.
You will always get the pat condolences, the surface gestures, but it’s those that follow through with more that shine through.
In the true scope of life, it takes very little time or effort to be there for a friend. And in instances like this, it’s when you discover your true friendships.
Even when you see something happen to someone else, it makes you wake up and look around.
It’s instances like this where you discover your true self.  You determine what your dreams are in life.  You make the plans to make your life mean something more.  You realise it’s time to make your life more than just ‘okay’.

Life is short. It’s time to stop wasting the days.

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