Positives and Negatives of Travelling Full Time

The Positives And Negatives Of Traveling Full Time.POST

People are often curious what life is like on the road for us, since we travel full time.

So, we’ve decided to start an ongoing list of the positives and negatives of travelling full time.

This is a living, breathing being that we will add to, edit etc…as we travel.  Our travels at this point are indefinite, so it’ll be interesting what’s added over time!


  • A new place to give you a completely new perspective of ‘home’.  A new view.  A new place to sleep that may offer sheets with way more thread count than you’ve ever owned.  A new kitchen that may have more than you ever had when you lived somewhere permanently.
  • Seeing how other people live their lives.  How they go about their day.  Realizing that we are all different, yet in some ways, all the same.  It’s cliché, but it’s true in many respects. And then there are those where the habits of people completely surprise you.
  • The excitement of getting out and exploring your new surroundings as soon as you arrive.
  • Staying in an Airbnb where the host leaves the makings of a breakfast feast!  There have been places where we’ve made 3 meals a day for days on end with the what the host has provided.
  • Downsizing your stuff. Simplifying your life.  Traveling only with what you have in your bag.
  • And then starting a wish list of all the things you want for when you finally settle, enough to start a list.  “Oh! These sheets are beautiful.  Let me just make note of what brand it is…”  “I like this coffee maker over [x] brand.  Let me make a note.”  The list continues…. Drawer dishwashers.  A place overlooking the water, but with some bush as well…
  • For us, it’s cheaper to travel.  That’s Australia for you –  the cost of living is damn expensive, but with cost saving strategies like housesitting, camping and frugally renting Airbnb’s, it’s actually cheaper than renting a house in Sydney or owning a home in Texas.  And we like that.
  • Learning more about each other than ever before, no matter how long you’ve been together. When you are together 24/7/365, everything is out there. Sometimes you have space from each other, most times not.  Knowing that, communication and patience are imperative.


  • Being really excited about an accommodation, only to find out they have crappy beds.  Whatever your preference (mine is for a firm bed), it’s a total let down if you can’t get a good night sleep.  Worse, if you’re staying a while.
  • Hand held shower heads.  I don’t understand their purpose (other than the mind going straight into the gutter). Especially when the accommodation is not set up for disabled or elderly guests.  What’s the point?  (And if you have suggestions, leave a comment!)
  • Having to dig through your bag constantly.  Misplacing things because you put them in a different place than before (you learn very quickly with this one!).
  • For us, living out of a car gets old.  It’s why we enjoy settling somewhere for a week or so. When we were planning our full-time adventure, I claimed I didn’t want to be digging through containers every day, looking for this saucepan, or that bag clip etc… When the cost of a campervan prevented us from purchasing one, so did my ‘requirement’ of living out of containers.
  • Arriving in a place for a while and having nowhere to unpack.  No storage to hang clothes.  No drawers to put clothes away.  Sometimes it’s good just unpack your bag, let your clothes air out a bit. Look less wrinkled for a few days.  But when there’s nowhere to put anything, it’s a let-down.
  • When you want to be a free spirit, you can’t let those wings fly during school holidays.  You MUST plan because even the basic places are booked out way in advance.  It’s moments like that you wish you were travelling in a campervan or towing a caravan so you can take advantage of ‘free camping’.  Despite what the name implies, you can’t tent camp at many of these places.  “Camping” in this regard has been redefined completely.
NOTE: This List Is a Living Breathing Being.  To be continued…
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People are often curious what life is like on the road for us. So, we've decided to start an ongoing list of the positives and negatives of travelling full time. This is a living, breathing being that we will add to, edit etc...as we travel.