Turquoise Waters

The Sapphire Coast…Through The Lens

The Sapphire Coast…Through The Lens. A beautiful spot on the N.S.W. southern border. We love this area so much it’s now on our ‘possible settle’ list.

Port Douglas

Far North Queensland…Through The Lens

We really liked Far North Queensland. There were truly some breathtaking areas. We loved snorkelling the Barrier Reef. We loved exploring the Daintree Rainforest. This was definitely a dream trip for us – one of our Living List destinations. Hopefully the photos will convey how beautiful this area is.

Rome…Through the Lens

As Nat is a lover of Ancient History, Rome was the perfect place to start our tour … and her first visit to Europe to boot. Here is Rome…Through The Lens.

Chicago…Through The Lens

Grab a park bench on the shores of Lake Michigan and enjoy the sparkling blue water and magnificent skyline of Chicago.

The Hunter Valley… Through The Lens

The Hunter Valley is an area most famous for its award-winning wines but it’s also a place where sheep are raised, wheat is grown, champion racehorses are bred and delicious dairy is produced. It’s also where I called home for much of my life.

Outback N.S.W…Through The Lens

The Australian Outback stretches into multiple states and we’ve only scratched the surface with Outback N.S.W. It’s amazingly diverse.