A Realistic Review of Herculaneum and Pompeii

Natalie writes for the blog once again…After a year of learning about Pompeii and Herculaneum, finally seeing it right in front of me was a confronting experience. I expected something else…

Rome…Through the Lens

As Nat is a lover of Ancient History, Rome was the perfect place to start our tour … and her first visit to Europe to boot. Here is Rome…Through The Lens.

Geek’s Guide to the Colosseum & Roman Forum

The Colosseum and Forum are, inarguably, two of the most famous icons of ancient Rome. As the centre of activity in the ancient world, thousands of people gathered daily for entertainment, commerce and rituals.

Indulging in The Sweet Taste of Venice

I’ve come to realize that in order to get the best experience of a destination, you need to embark on a food tour. Especially when it’s guided by a local. Not only do you learn about the gestational habits, but you also learn more about the community and its unique history.

How to Experience the Best of Rome

Rome is a crazy city.  It’s ‘in your face’ at every turn.  It’s fast paced.  It’s crowded. It’s gritty.

Really. There’s nothing like it.  Tourists and locals meld together where you hear a constant melting pot of accents. Locals gesture vividly as they speak, just as you would expect. Scooters zoom through the narrow lanes, fighting for their place amongst the zippy cars in the dense traffic.

All of these things make Rome fabulous.  

Rome – Where Are Your Manners?

Rome is very much an ‘in your face’ city. Everything is loud and brash. The streets are insanely crowded. Vendors incessantly harass walkers on the sidewalks, despite your emphatic shake of the head or polite ‘no’.
I can’t necessarily blame the Romans. I just have to wonder if some of the kindness found in other Italian cities can be brought to Rome as well someday?

Florence. Charming. Genius. Passionate. Atmospheric.

The most important tip when visiting Florence is not to rush. This timeless place is meant for walking and exploring. Breathe in and enjoy the ambiance. Savour a café with the locals after indulging in a long, luxurious lunch. Take a picnic in the parks around. There’s time. And Florence is the perfect place to enjoy life.