How to Make The Most Of Your Day in Auckland

Most people either start or end their New Zealand Adventure here, so we’ve put together our tips on how to make the most our of your day in Auckland.
Head out to La Cigale French Market and pick up some really great coffee (flat whites!) and a delicious pastry for brekky. There is plenty to choose from but our favorite is a chocolate hazelnut croissant. Delicious.
Wander around inhaling all of the wonderful aromas of the fresh produce. Have a taste of the samples on offer at many of the stalls. Be amazed at the exquisite, fresh bakery delicacies. This is one of the best markets we’ve ever been to, you can easily pick up everything you need for a scrumptious lunch. It’s definitely New Zealand at it’s best.
With your picnic basket filled, head over to Mount Eden to take in the stunning 360 views instead of paying for the Sky Tower. On advice from fellow travelers, we did just that. We love recommendations that suggest beautiful views for free, and we certainly appreciated the panoramic scene revealed before us.
There is a parking lot at the top, but if you need to walk off stiff legs, park halfway up and enjoy stretching your legs as you take in the scenery all around you. Take your time here. It’s just lovely.
It’s now time to check out the water views. Get a quick peek of the city centre as you drive the peaceful route to Mission Bay via Tamaki Drive. Find a spot to park and walk around Mission Bay. It’s so beautiful here. Feel your body relax as you watch the sailboats skimming on the sparkling harbour water…
Having lived in Texas, we really miss good Mexican food, and were happy to discover Mexicali. The food is super fresh with generous portions. The price was reasonable too!
BurgerFuel is another great option. As their guarantee says, “life is too short not to have a great burger. “ Just about every appetite is catered to. It’s a New Zealand classic you’ll love.
There is a lot to like about the largest of New Zealand’s cities.
We found it easy to get around, the people are so lovely, and the scenery is too beautiful to be true.
If your travels keep you on the North Island, Auckland makes for a great starting point.

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