Review: Hotel Royal Court – Luxury Accommodation Conveniently located in Rome

After 3 weeks in Europe, we were happy to indulge in a little luxury before we began our 36-hour trek home to Australia. We were greeted by Ruby, with the Royal Court Hotel, who greeted us with genuine warmth and charm.  From the moment we arrived, I had a good feeling about this place.

The Royal Court Hotel is tucked into what I consider to be tourist central.  The area is filled with mid to high range hotels, yet still close to Termini Station. This mother and teen daughter duo felt safe walking around.

The location was convenient and amazingly quiet for being situated in the heart of bustling Rome .  The only noise we heard were the competing church bells, and really, who’s going to complain about that?Our room was large and comfortable, with doors that opened to an outdoor courtyard. It’s one thing to have a large room in Italy, it’s quite another to boast about your own private courtyard.

I did a happy jig when I saw the bathtub in the equally spacious bathroom. Very few places I’ve stayed throughout Europe have offered a deep soaking bathtub – it was an absolute treat. Slipping into a soft cotton robe afterward made me feel like I was staying in a five star hotel.

Now I will admit, once the rose-coloured glasses came off, you could see wear around the room.  But when you have a soaking tub, room service and a private courtyard it’s easy to overlook.  The beds were firm but not too firm for the teenager who likes a soft bed.

Speaking of room service, it’s one of those things that I never think of when I book hotels, because I never use it even when it is available.  The menu at the Hotel Royal Court offered a limited array –  they aren’t full service – but the options were reasonably priced; we were like two kids playing grown up when a couple of delicious hot chocolates were promptly delivered.

It was just another welcomed bonus for us weary travellers.When we finally found our energy return, we headed out for dinner.  Not knowing the area, I asked ‘Smiling Ruby’ for dinner suggestions.  I explained we were at the end of our trip with a dwindling budget.

With a smile, she gave us her recommendation and I have to say, it was fantastic. To top the experience, Ruby called ahead to make reservations (just in case).  When we arrived, I informed the host that we had a reservation made for us.  With a welcoming smile, our host asked,  “Mrs Marlow? Staying at the Royal Court?”  Gobsmacked, I could only nod.  Ah, service… And yes, our meal was delicious and within our budget to boot.

I’m just not used to the VIP service I guess.Then there was breakfast.  Truth be known, we were both intimidated by the diversity of the breakfast offerings.  There was a lot to choose from.  And, having a cappuccino with breakfast is true luxury for me–Not that American black coffee crap for me, thanks! The seating was a little tight but it did make for easy conversations amongst travellers, which I thought was fun.

Would I stay again at the Hotel Royal Court?  Definitely. The experience was amazing.  What surprised me most was how inexpensive the hotel was for what it offered. We found this hotel a true respite within a crazy city.This was a sponsored stay.  Our thanks to Space Hotels for hosting our stay. 

PLEASE NOTE: We do not promote any brand we have not used or experienced for ourselves.  All opinions are our own. Please follow our advice at your own risk.

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