Giving Back

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When we sat down and really thought about why we wanted this business, we came to the following conclusions:
1. We wanted to share our love of travel.
2. We wanted to be location independent so that we could explore the world.
3. We wanted to give back to causes we are passionate about.
We have a great life.  Many do not.

We’re fortunate that we CAN give back.

If we are lucky enough to travel, we should take a moment to realise just how privileged we are to do so. 
By travelling, we can experience different cities, countries, and cultures, sometimes in our own backyards. We have the opportunity to experience life outside of our own life’s bubble.
Not everyone has the opportunity to travel.  Not everyone has the opportunity to have a safe home environment.  Not everyone has the opportunity for clean water, food, or shelter. It’s not just people, animals too. Innocents exist the world over having the rough end of life’s stick, simply by being born in an unfortunate place and time.
Here are two areas we really passionate about and hope you will be too!


A friend of ours in Texas is deeply involved in this non-profit which is making fantastic strides in kid’s lives.  We wanted to do our part in not only supporting our friend’s efforts, but also in supporting the organisation.
 It’s our way to make a direct impact on a child’s life.
As stated in the video on Moja Tu’s website, these kids did not win the birth lottery.
Many of us have opportunities these kids can only dream about.

So, let’s make an impact, shall we?  Who’s with us?


Moja Tu, which means “Just One” in Swahili, is an Austin, Texas  501 (C)(3) nonprofit organization founded in January 2013.

Their mission is to provide the foundation of an education to children in need in developing countries by establishing one on one relationships between a student and their sponsor.

Each of us can help change the world by helping just one child complete their education. Moja Tu believes education is the critical factor in determining a child’s success in life as education is the stepping stone and foundation to provide opportunities for job creation, providing for their families and moving out of poverty.
In many developing countries, education is not freely available to all. Many children, who by no fault of their own, are either orphans or in such a financial bind due to their family situation that they are unable to attend school.
Moja Tu is focused on providing children who have financial need an opportunity to get an education to primary and secondary school, whether they need financial support to pay for the school fees, uniforms and shoes, books and supplies or housing/food.
To date, they have sponsored 60 primary and secondary students and their first college student! They are incredibly proud of each of their students and look forward to expanding their mission to more children.


For more information on how you can get involved, please visit


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We’re raising funds over the 2015 Holiday Season to help bring hope, dignity and self-reliance to families and communities around the world.

Heifer International has already lifted more than 20.7 million families out of poverty. With your support, they’ll be able to help even more. Together, we have power over poverty.
Please note: If you are in the U.S. this is a tax-deductible donation.