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Join the real-world treasure hunting adventure! Supercharge your geocaching with the Geocaching app. Whether you’re hiking beyond the reaches of cell signal, traveling internationally or just wanting to save your data—this app lets you take geocaching wherever you go.
Geocaching: Basic Beginner’s Guide is a step-by-step program for getting starting in the hobby of geocaching. It features clear procedures in simple terms for those not familiar with the hobby. Photos and illustrations help guide the reader from an introduction to registering with, and on to finding your first caches.
Find a high-tech hobby in the great outdoors! Dig into this fast-growing detective sport that’s fun for all ages. Once you get your coordinates, your GPS receiver, maps, compass, and this book, you’re ready for adventure! Seek out containers of goodies hidden around the world by other geocachers, hide a cache of your own, see new places, and get a little exercise to boot. Here’s where to start! This title features: the dummies way explanations in plain English; ‘get in, get out’ information; icons and other navigational aids; tear-out cheat sheet; top ten lists; and, a dash of humor and fun. Discover how to: choose and use a GPS receiver; find and download coordinates; pack the right gear; share experiences with the geocaching community; search for benchmarks; and, use geocaching as a teaching tool.
Describing the exciting and adventurous world surrounding geocaching–a worldwide hunt in which treasures are located using global positioning system (GPS) devices–this book offers an understanding and application of the principles and best practices of the game. What’s different is that the authors wrap this knowledge in a tapestry of human stories that range from hilarious to touching. Paul and Dana Gillin interviewed 40 of the world’s 50 most prolific geocachers as well as experts in container design, “extreme” geocaching and other dimensions of the game. They tell how this global activity inspires passion that has helped people heal frayed marriages, establish new friendships–and even save lives.
With rich illustrations complementing secrets culled from experts, this resource gives participants new skills for enhancing their experience and provides a visual montage of the different kinds of spots hobbyists can expect to find in the field.
  • Fun for the whole family!
  • Swag is what you leave in the caches.
  • Always leave something better than what you take.
  • These stones are about 1 1/4″ in diameter
  • each metal token is about the size of an Australian 5 cent piece or an American nickel
  • 2 sided (“Good Luck” with caching symbol on one side, a lucky symbol on other side)
  • great for caches
  • they are not trackable – nor do they have an icon

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