Escaping is Good for Your Soul

Everyone needs to escape their daily grind for a while.

Your sanity needs it. Your heart needs it. Your soul needs it.

Escaping is good for you.

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

We all get sucked into our lives. We get bogged down by the list of things we need to do. And yet, if we don’t stop and take a breath once in a while, it’s all for naught. We simply exist in our life. We’re not living it.
That’s why I love to escape. It gives me time to catch my breath. It gives me time to poke my head up and take a look around. It gives me time to reconnect with those I love without the feeling of ‘have you done this/that yet?’
Lately, I’ve been so heads down trying to work out kinks of our business, working out a publishing cycle, working on the social media side, that I forgot the core of our business: TRAVEL!   So you see, it doesn’t just happen to those who work a “9-5” job (don’t you love THAT term nowadays…) but even those who theoretically travel for a living.

Have you stopped to think about what would happen
if you didn’t take a break once in a while?

I mean, think about it? What would your life be like?
Isn’t it worth taking some time OFF for a while?
Maybe you’re finding your relationships are floundering as a result? I know I feel that way.
By the time school holidays come around (every 8-10 weeks here in Australia), I always feel it’s time to escape with Natalie. We need that time to reconnect. We didn’t do that these past school holidays, since we have a few big trips coming up, but you know something, I feel that impact. It’s like we missed out on that special time together.
So, it’s not just for yourself that you need to escape, but you need to escape for your loved ones too.
 It only takes that first step to make it happen.
Commit to one thing so you can escape for a while.  Leave a comment below and tell us what step you’ll be taking.

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