Discovering Narooma (N.S.W) Through Geocaching

With the lure of the Internet so strong, it’s can be challenging to keep your kids interested in the world around them. Every time I look at my daughter, she’s head down, lost in her phone.
Seriously, try travelling with a 16-year-old girl who has a twitter following of over 900 people…
Yeah, I know! (…Boy bands! That’s all I’m sayin’.)
So what do you do to keep your kids engaged in the trip? Use technology to your advantage with Geocaching!
Geocaching brings out the inner geek in all of us. For me, I feel like a kid again exploring new worlds. For Nat, she gets to keep her nose in the phone in a parent-approved way.
When we went camping on the NSW South Coast this summer, we decided to do some Geocaching to discover more of Narooma.
With Natalie in charge of navigation, she steered us toward the headland in search of our first cache. We read that there was a great geocache hidden there, but the last few people searching had not found it.
Challenge accepted!
Once we had arrived at the destination, we jumped out, eager as ever. (It had been a little while since we’d gone geocaching.)
There were a lot of ‘muggles’ about – yep, the geocaching community have adopted the Harry Potter term – so you have to be stealth when searching so as not to draw the ‘muggles’ attention. (Easier said than done.) We looked…and looked…and looked. We even (gasp!) viewed the hint. Nada. We were forced to log it as a “DNF” (Did Not Find).
Not all was lost.
We wandered off to look at our surroundings, because really that’s the point of geocaching. Someone takes the time to plant a cache because they want to show you what they think is special about their part of the world.
Caches can be found near a beautiful overlook, or they can be found in a statue in the middle of Nowhere Ville. Some may simply be a fun place to hide a cache and that’s cool too!
We get to discover places or things we never would have heard of without the hunt.
I will say, after a day of discovering Narooma, I will be back.
It really was a great day. I love geocaching with Nat.
We spent the rest of the day exploring the coastline as we geocached. Let me tell you, we came across some really great characters along the way.
We saw surfies parked on top of a bluff, smoking a joint. (Thank god Nat asked me what they were doing!)
Hipsters and their equally hipster dads out bike riding together, enjoying the clear skies.
A family sporting dreadlocks, hanging out at the local playground, while their kids hung upside down on the monkey bars, having a great ol’ time.
Even the wildlife were getting into the spirit of the day:
Seagulls fighting over a dead octopus in the parking lot.
Dolphins riding the waves, hanging ten or ‘finning it’ as it were.
A rabbit, poking its head out the bush, checking to see if the path was clear before it dashed across.
And best of all – my teenager noticed it all, when she wasn’t whispering “Hot Dad Alert” that is!

Check This Out:

Natalie wrote a post called Geocaching How To from a Teenager’s Perspective.
It’s a great guide for starting out.   Have you checked it out? It’ll get you started!

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