Day 9 of the Camino Wander – Beauty and Friendship Making My Way to Villatuerta

April 23rd, 2018 –  Puente la Reina to Villateurta, Spain. Camino de Santiago.

The Apple Health app says I walked 21km today which is more than I walked yesterday but the trail wasn’t as brutal. I feel … okay.

I relented and sent my pack forward this morning. Best 5 euros I’ve spent yet. I needed to give my knees, hip, and ankle a rest and right now, they are thanking me. The only sore parts of me are my aching, swollen feet. The Spanish diet is not helping (lots of salt and I am drinking massive amounts of water!)

But what a beautiful wander today. I strolled through undulating fields of green, alongside fields of canola and down ancient Roman roads and over a Roman bridge that dates back to possibly 300 AD.  It was a stunning day and one I will remember with fondness.

I saw wild irises and weird spiderweb things. I spoke bad Spanish to two elderly Spanish men, who were sitting outside enjoying their day. Enough at least to convey where I was from when they asked and whether I was married. I had to laugh at that.  

As I walked, caught up to a lovely lady, an American woman who now lives in Mexico. I met Janet in Orisson.  She, too, is a slow stroller as she has some medical issues that keep her pace slow.  She also sends her pack on. For her, it’s a requirement. She’s hoping to make it all the way and do hope she does.  She’s determined! I spoke in broken English to a sweet girl from China, who nudged me forward when she struggled with her English (she ended up catching up and passing me later though.)

There was one point in my day where I sat on the side of an ancient bridge, with olive trees growing nearby, a modern aqueduct just beyond, and I had a ‘pinch me, I can’t believe I’m here’ moment.  It was surreal.  

Then I climbed another bloody hill.

Now, my feet are up. I bought a beer from a vending machine and tonight I’m staying in a 13th Century house – an Albergue called Albergue La Casa Mágica.

Indeed it is. Considering the room I’m sharing, again with Jerry and Sharon, the Albergue La Casa Mágica is going to have to spin its magic.  When the door opened to the room, we all laughed. There are two beds –  a double and twin –  but the bathroom is, ah, open to everyone.  Including the toilet.  We said “Well this is going to make the friendship interesting!”  

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