Day 8 of the Camino Wander – Statues, Templar Churches, Private Room…Oh My!

day 8 of the camino wander.POST
Sunrise at the Pilgrim Statue after Zariquiegui
Ankle turning descent from Alto del Perdon!
Ankle turning descent from Alto del Perdon!
A hearty brekky... can you smell them?  I can!  (And I still lost more than 6kg walking The Camino!)
A hearty brekky... can you smell them? I can! (And I still lost more than 6kg walking The Camino!)
Vending Machines Full of Medical Supplies
Vending Machines Full of Medical Supplies
Iglesia del Crucifijo
Iglesia del Crucifijo

Day 8 – Zariquiegui to Puente la Reina.   Camino de Santiago.


Physically shattered tonight.

My Apple health app says I walked 21km and it refuses to tell me how many floors I’ve climbed- I think it has given up trying to calculate that statistic.

Began the day at 6 am to torchlight in the hopes of capturing sunrise photos as background to the statues on Alto del Perdon (Mount of Forgiveness). Alas, it was cloudy.

The pilgrim statues I speak of is Alto de Pardon, where oversized wrought iron cutouts of medieval pilgrims, which aptly appear to be fighting their way against the wind, line the ridge. Beyond, in the distance, you can see Pamplona.  Despite the clouds though, or because of them, the photos came out okay.  Not great, but it captured the moment well.

I could explain what the statues mean, but I’m going to share a piece from Jerry’s website:  The Fogwatch (It’s worth the read by the way):

The concept of the Mount of Pardon is that in climbing it you are forgiven of your sins past and present. Tradition has it that pilgrims who reach the summit gain forgiveness of your sins, and your spiritual health was guaranteed for the rest of the route in the event of your death.

Wow, I hope so!

We – my Camino friends, Sharon and Jerry and I – continued along, traversing the slippery rubble on the descent. There’s both a walking trail and a biking trail.  The bike trail was smooth.  The walking trail was full of ankle turning rocks.  I risked the bike trail with a sharp ear of what was coming behind me.  There wasn’t a lot of traffic at that time, so I was fairly safe in taking the risk.  Besides, the tracks were close together, had I needed to jump to the other.

After an early start, we stopped for a hearty brekky before we continued to stride the trail.  (Picture left.) This was becoming a habit, to have this hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs.  It even became a running joke with Jerry, Sharon and I – we would keep walking because we could ‘smell the bacon and eggs’ as we approached a town.

We took a detour to see a Templar church, the Iglesia del Crucifijo, which was worth the extra 3km out of the way.   It was a hot dusty walk to get there. Jerry got to test out his umbrella for shade, which was attached to his backpack.  Smart.  I had a zen moment inside the cool church and regained my strength to continue on. The church itself was pretty spectacular, with its origin associated with the Order of the Knights Templars. The windows were made of alabaster, to allow light to filter in.

We ended the day in Puente La Reina. It is a splurge tonight, I am staying in my own private room.  It safe to say, that even after 8 days on the trail, I’m excited by clean sheets and clean towels.  Towels I don’t have to worry about drying before tomorrow.  This is pure bliss.

Over dinner, we determined how far to walk tomorrow, when to set out and admittedly, whether to send packs on ahead tomorrow. While my pack is only about 8kg, my right hip, knee, and ankle are screaming at me. So, I must listen. Wine helps. 😉

All up, I calculate by the Apple Health app I have walked 126km in the past 8 days. No wonder I’m buggered. But, I no longer see the Pyrenees mountains I climbed a week ago.  Holy Toledo Batman.  I’m doing this.

Click below to see the initial post about My Camino Wander, explaining WHY I walked The Camino, WHEN I walked it and the CHALLENGES I faced.

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Day 8 of the Camino Wander | Travel Far Enough | An early start to see Statues (Alto del Perdon), Templar Church (Iglesia del Crucifijo), a Private Room in Puente La Reina. An amazing day on the Camino


  1. January 28, 2019 / 7:54 pm

    It was tricky. We were walking on in the dark up to Alto del Perdon – we’d left early but still had people pass us. LOL. We wanted sunrise pictures but the clouds rolled in… sad.

  2. Amanda
    January 26, 2019 / 7:12 pm

    omg, that descent just about killed me. It was nice and sunny when I walked up to Alto del Perdon, late afternoon, windier than I imagined it could be but the view was fabulous. But that descent…

  3. October 22, 2018 / 10:33 pm

    It was wonderful to share this walk with you Tara 🙂 I loved that the sculpture on the Alto del Perdon is called: “where the path of the wind crosses that of the stars.” and yep that was quite a descent on those round pebbles – definitely ankle turners! And the Iglesia de Crucifijo was amazing and quite moving.

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