Day 6 of the Camino Wander – Rest Day in Pamplona

April 20, 2018 –  Pamplona, Spain. Camino de Santiago. 

A rest day from the Camino de Santiago today.

A day to sleep in, which was bliss. A day to deal with odds and ends, like sending excess stuff back to my friend in England who’s looking after my other suitcase. It’s all stuff I am not using or will need moving forward, like my fleece jumper/sweater I thought I’d need. I also found another walking pole to replace the one that went into the river yesterday. I picked up snacks for the upcoming wander as well as finding stronger deodorant!  Yep, you need the robust stuff here!

Pamplona is a busy place.

When it’s not siesta – and yes, it’s a real thing here and I did have a two-hour nap during this lovely quiet time – the place is alive. People line up for ice cream (and it’s good stuff too!), they wander the piazza slowly, walking and talking. They even salsa dance in the piazza.

And then there are the tapas – oh my! A wine for 2 euros and tapas for the same, if not cheaper. For 8 euros, you’re happy and full!

It has been a nice day just wandering the historical part of the city, including a stop at the Cathedral and Museo.

Will venture onward early tomorrow.  I don’t want to hang any longer than I need to.  The body has rested, as has the mind.

It’s time to push on.

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