Day 5 of the Camino Wander – Discombobulated but I’ve Made it to Pamplona

April 19th, 2018. Larrasoana to Pamplona. Camino de Santiago.

I started the day getting past my angst of the young Australian git who stayed in the Albergue last night. He was all about how fast he can walk the Camino interspersed with talk about the amount of pot he smokes. I felt sorry for his mother, who was walking with him.  I got the impression that she believed the Camino would change him, would calm him maybe, but he’s a young thing and he’s all about the partying.  That is a different Camino experience from mine.  I felt really frustrated by this behaviour and felt he didn’t understand the point the Camino.  But as they say, it’s his Camino experience and everyone’s is different…

5km into the walk, I found myself distracted.

I was capturing the scene in front of me on my iPhone. Unfortunately, as I was snapping the picture, one of my walking poles went for a swim into the raging river below. It slipped on the rail I had it against and it subsequently went tumbling below.  There was no recovery.  I watched it tumble like it was a slow-motion scene and some choice words left my mouth.  I was without a walking pole. I hoped I would be okay with only one walking pole, at least until I reached Pamplona.

A little further on,  I rejoined Sharon and Jerry, catching up with them when I found them eating bacon and eggs for breakfast. Of course! Love that about the Camino! Together we walked and talked.  I’m really enjoying my time getting to know them and it helps they’ve walked the Camino before… their experience and knowledge has been invaluable.

We visited the convent in Zabaldika- the Iglesia de San Esteban y Stephan.

It is a 13th-century abbey that has not been majorly renovated since that time. The bell is said to be the oldest in the region and pilgrims (only) are invited to ring it. And I did!  I climbed the winding stairs and joined Jerry at the time to ring the bell. It was magnificent and the sound so pure as it rang cleanly for 30 whole seconds. The nuns handed out a pilgrim’s blessing which was also beautiful.  I’ve pasted it into my handwritten journal.

I later walked into Pamplona.  It was a maze to find the old town.

I continued on without Jerry and Sharon.  I was ready to stop.  I arrived during siesta and the place was a ghost town. (Not at 10.30 p.m. though. The place was alive and pumping…)

I finally caught up my Camino friends from Orrison, which was advantageous as they were heading off in the morning.

My toenails are still hanging in there but boy my feet are tired!! As are my legs!!  It’s time for a rest!

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