Day 41 of the Camino Wander – Passing the 100km Marker

Day 41 – Morgade to Castromaior, Spain.  Camino de Santiago.


As the kilometers go by, so does my ‘spritely’ body. I probably smell worse tonight than a retiree’s bowling convention with the amount of Tiger Balm I’ve slapped on. It was a 20km day but it was a lot of hills and I truly felt every step of the last 2-3km.

We started the day early, with mist hugging the fields and the threat of precipitation just hovering. We were lucky it held off until we’d stopped for the day but that doesn’t mean we didn’t haul our rain gear with us for that 20km either! Ugh.

We passed the ‘100km to go’ marker early this morning.

We celebrated by bringing out Jerry’s selfie stick to take the photo.  ? After walking so far, since Saint Jean Pied de Port, it is almost a relief to see the 100km mark because, yeah, 100km is easy.

I honestly can’t tell you much about the terrain today – I just remember it was very rocky in parts, other times we were walking through the forest. I walked a historic section coming into Portomarin that I suspect dates back Roman days – the steps were very worn and very steep. I considered going down on my bum in some parts but the poles I have saved me once again. I photographed and I walked.

Today was a reflective day. Reality lies only days away and it was a day to contemplate what’s next.

I have two weeks, once I leave Spain, before I head to Japan for three weeks. I haven’t decided what to do yet in those two weeks, but I do know that I do not want to move for a while  ?. I’d like a bed with sheets. A bathroom all to myself. Time to sleep. Time to write. And a good coffee.  Yes, it’s the little things you really start to appreciate.

I also thought of all of those who have made up my Camino family over the last six weeks.  My Camino Family.  Jerry and Sharon.  Amanda.  Helen.  Jane, the other Aussie traveller. Agnes and Fi (the Kiwis), Kristi from Brisbane, Marion and MaryKate (the Irish). And how could I forget the Boyz from Melbourne, Steve and Mikey. Then there was my early CamFam too: Brian and Missy, and Philippa, Jane, Nikki, Janet and Belinda. Just so many people who have made this journey possible easier and more enjoyable. Memorable for sure.

I thought of all of the people I have met along the way, the long conversations about nothing and everything. I thought of the people I wanted to walk with longer and didn’t or couldn’t. I was thinking too that over the course of a month I’ve probably shared more of my life with Jerry and Sharon than I have with most. I guess they just ask good questions!  But that’s the Camino…

Tomorrow is another long day with 20+kms. I hope the tiger balm kicks in soon.

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