Day 4 of the Camino Wander – A Short Day to Larrasoaña

April 18th, 2018 –  Zubiri to Larrasoana.  Camino de Santiago.

Stopped by The Abbey along the way – a medieval church that is being restored. The work there and the church itself – WOW. Absolutely beautiful! I would like to return to volunteer and help with the restoration efforts at some point.

There is still some ‘squidgy terrain’ as new friends have named it – squishy mud – and some slippery spots due to the mass of recent rain. It’s testing my balancing skills for sure. The walking poles I bought at the start of my Camino wander, in Saint Jean Pied de Port, have been a godsend.

My body has been tired but it’s okay…just worried about my toenails.  They don’t hurt as such, not really.  Just sensitive when walking. So cutting the day short to give my feet and body a bit of rest. The “little blue engine” (I think I can, I think I can…) mantra is alive and well.

So, I have decided to stop in Larrasoaña today – I’ve walked only 6.5km (13k steps).

The weather has otherwise co-operated. It is beautifully sunny and warm. Onwards tomorrow to Pamplona. I hope to catch up with friends there that I’ve made along the way.  Stopping short puts me behind a bit now, at least behind those whom I’ve been walking with.

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