Day 38 of the Camino Wander – I Conquered O Cebreiro!

day 38 of the camino wander.POST

Day 39, Lamas do Biduedo to Samos, Spain. Camino de Santiago

We conquered the mountain! LOL. While O Cebreiro isn’t the highest point on the Camino, it sure feels like it is! Especially when you look down into the valley below and see the massive bridges, that seemed unbelievably high in the sky when you walked beneath them only 18 hours before, and they now seem so tiny.

O Cebreiro was a lovely spot and where we stepped for brekky. As we ate, an Irishman kept us entertained with his non-stop chatter. We kept wondering, given it was now after 8 am, how he was going to walk 40km that day as planned, as he seemed in no rush at all to leave. (He was still there around 9.30 when we headed off.)

Back on the Camino, it was a down before up on the trail, then down again before an even larger climb. At one point we had to wait for a traffic jam to clear – cows with bells around their neck being moved from one paddock to another. I was so distracted that when one cow came too close, I stepped back into stinging nettle. Thanks to Jerry’s ‘boy scout’ skills, another nearby plant was rubbed on my leg and the pain disappeared altogether.

By the time we’d reached the summit (of the last mountain we’d have to climb on the Camino), I was completely knackered. And I still had about 6km to go before I reached my accommodation for the night!  I was continuing on from Jerry and Sharon as I could not get a room or bed at their Albergue. It was only another 3km until I reached mine, in a hamlet called Biduedo.

The Albergue was right on the Camino trail.  In fact, from my (private) room, I could see up the trail from the window.  It was beautiful and quiet and the only sound I heard in the entire time staying was the afternoon bovine traffic jam.

Where I Stayed: Casa Quiroga

Would I Recommend It?  I would.  It was very quiet.  The Galician soup was amazing at the attached restaurant and the hosts lovely.  While the (private) room was basic, it was comfortable and clean.


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Day 38 of the Camino Wander | Travel Far Enough | I conquered O Cebreiro today! What a beautiful village it was. After a hearty breakfast, it was onwards - up and down, before another massive climb...only later to find my private room for the night had a view of the Camino from the window and the sounds of nothing but the afternoon bovine traffic jam.

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