Day 36 of the Camino Wander – The Spirit of the Camino Lives On!

day 36 of the camino wander.POST
The road to Trabadelo.
The road to Trabadelo.
Road sign to watch for Pilgrims!
Road sign to watch for Pilgrims!

May 20th, 2018. Villafranca del Bierzo to Trabadelo, Spain. Camino de Santiago.


It was an early morning but not a long walk today.

We wandered only 12km to Trabadelo. I had a special booking for the night.

It was a day filled with laughter. Walking with Jerry and Sharon is always fun. Great conversation and finding the quirky stuff the Camino provides. The houses still amaze me and spring is truly full on.  I can’t tell you how many photos I’ve taken of doors.  They are unique and some are built with beautiful craftsmanship.  Some are just funky. 

When we arrived into Trabadelo early, we had lunch and while sitting talking, a guy, who’d been sitting on a stool at the bar, fainted. He was a large guy and he went from the stool straight down on to the stone floor. It was frightening but he soon came to and was given vinegar on a napkin to sniff then sugar water to drink. He took a little while to get his bearings, have something to eat and, before long, he continued on his way.  Crazy?  Maybe. 

We are staying in an albergue owned by an Aussie woman, Suzie.

Dinner was made from scratch and made with love and lots of flavour. (What a lovely change from the standard pilgrim meals I’ve had!) The Allbergue is a renovated barn she’s renovated on her own and now runs it with her partner, Fermin (a.k.a Pilgrim #30 – you can learn of their story here. It’s a GREAT story!)  It is an open room with 12 beds (no bunks!) and two bathrooms, but it’s comfortable and modern.  It’s obvious she cares about those who stay.  We aren’t just a dollar sign to her. With many Albergues, you sometimes feel that way.

Tonight the Albergue was full of Australians, one English girl (Helen, poor love!) and a handful of Americans who are getting the full brunt from the Australians. (Turns out four of the Aussies are good friends with the Americans.  The rest of us are just along for the ride. Anything to take the piss out of the Americans, but they were throwing it back, all in good fun.).

The Camino spirit is alive and well.  Makes the next few days exciting. 


Where I Stayed: Casa Susi

Would I Recommend It?  Definitely.  If you are looking for the spirit of community and an amazing, home-cooked meal, this is the place. (And please tell Suzie I said hello!)

Jerry and I -  yep, crazy kids.
Jerry and I - yep, crazy kids.

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Day 36 of the Camino Wander | Travel Far Enough | A short wander today, filled with laughter and joy. The spirit continued with a great community environment when I stayed for the night in Trabadelo at Casa Susi - An Aussie's Albergue on the Camino!

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