Day 32 of the Camino Wander – Coughing My Way Up The Mountain

day 32 of the camino wander.POST

May 16th, 2018. Astorga to Rabanal del Camino. Camino de Santiago.


I walked today, starting the elevation to Cruz de Ferro / Alto de Cerezales. I’m currently at about 1150 m and the mountain stands at 1400 m. It is the highest point on the Camino. I will be there lay my stones at Cruz de Ferro tomorrow.

It wasn’t a bad walk physically today. I took it slow. The walk itself was rather boring actually and not very pretty scenery. (I didn’t take many photos today). It was very scrubby with lichen growing over the dead trees. It reminded me a lot of Texas. Ironically I was walking with a woman who had just moved to the Austin area about a year ago.

I was glad to have followed the advice of Camino friends, Jerry and Sharon, who recommended this lovely albergue. Because of my bloody incessant cough, I am in a private room. I didn’t want to stay in a dorm and have stuff tossed at me to shut up in the middle of the night or have daggers thrown at me tomorrow on the Camino.

It’s nice to have space of my own. It’s another thing I’ve discovered about this journey for me. I prefer walking the Camino with people each day, the conversations make the time go faster, but boy its nice to have quiet at the end of the day.

I ended the day going to evening vespers with Gregorian chanting by the Benedictine Monks.

It was meditating. It was in Latin and I’ve not exposed to vespers before, so I did not understand it but it was lovely and calming. I sat and listened to the chanting with my eyes closed, sitting in a church that is over 500 years old and slowly turning to rubble.

I am tired tonight.

Mostly because of the 20km climb and the coughing fits. I hope I can find the strength to climb the next mountain in a few days – I’m determined to – because from there, it’s the ‘home stretch’ – about 150km after that mountain wander. (I still have 230km to go from here, in Rabanal).

Where I Stayed:  Posada El Tesin

Would I Recommend it?  Yes, but don’t hand over your laundry to them. You’re bound to lose a pair of socks, or three (as I did).  There is no set pilgrim meal, but a café where you can order food ala carte. The simple breakfast options are delicious, as is the soup served in the evenings.

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Day 32 of the Camino Wander | Travel Far Enough | I started the elevation to Cruz de Ferro / Alto de Cerezales. I’m currently at about 1150m, the mountain at 1400 m. It is the highest point on the Camino.


  1. January 28, 2019 / 7:58 pm

    It’s so great to hear from you!! I lost a bunch of photos but eventually found the lost ones from another server. Phew! Did you keep a journal? I don’t remember you writing in one. Yes, will be walking again in April but this time with Richard. Walking from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Santiago.

    Yes, some amazing hikes in Tasmania. We will be coming back to do more.

  2. Amanda
    January 26, 2019 / 7:28 am

    Hi Tara, What a great blog. I’m so glad you have this here. When I downloaded my photos to my laptop, they got completely shuffled and now I have no idea what is what. Someday, I will have to spend a month organizing them but not now – lol! Anyway, it’s good to see some fotos of those parts of the Camino. Getting the urge to go walk again. How about you? Any good hikes in Tasmania? Be well. Peace 🙂

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