Day 31 of the Camino Wander – A Reflective Day After a Month of Wandering

May 15th, 2018. Astorga, Spain. Camino de Santiago.

Wow, I’ve spent on whole calendar month on this journey and, realising that today, I spent some time thinking back to Day 1 and all I’ve learned along the way.

Patience. Letting go. Simplifying. Focus. Listening.

There are many pilgrims who start in the cities along the way. Some have started in Leon.

You may – or may not – be surprised that few actually walk the length of the ‘Frances Way’ in one go. Many break it up into two-week increments, or less, coming back to continue the journey later or picking up where they previously left off. Some skip the harder parts for their first taste of the Camino.  Some just want to walk a little bit. 

In talking with these ‘newbies’ I am shocked to realise how much I now know about this Camino wander.

Things I’ve learned myself or from others. Many are shocked to hear I’ve walked from Saint Jean Pied de Port. It seems like such a long way and when I look at my map, I too see that, yes, it is a long way. My shoes certainly look like they have walked that far.

Part of me wants this wander over with. I miss my jeans. I miss moisturizer. I am tired of spending 15 mins each morning prepping my feet, just to put shoes on.  Being sick doesn’t help.  

The other part of me wants to keep walking. To leave my two rocks at Cruz de Ferro. To conquer O Cebreiro. To walk that last 100km (or so) from Sarria to Santiago. To walk with friends to the Cathedral In Santiago de Compostela and say ‘well, that was a good wander.’

Today was quiet but I did explore the Gaudi Palace and the Astorga Cathedral. For me, it is not about the paintings or statues, but the architecture. So much continues to blow me away / the history and the challenges they undertook! Wow.

I am reflective today but I have also planned my next few days. The bag is packed and I’ll be setting out early to see what tomorrow brings.

Hopefully it means no more coughing!!!

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