Day 27 of the Camino Wander – Skipping Ahead to León

May 11, 2018.  Boadilla del Camino to Leon. Camino de Santiago.

I’m past the ‘official’ halfway mark but now fast forwarding a bit by train.

I struggled with this a lot but determined if I was going to make it to Santiago, I had to skip the rest of the Meseta. I walked for four days of it and it was beautiful. But after I saw what was to come (while on the train), I knew it was the right choice for me. Especially as it’s starting to heat up.

I carried my backpack today for the first time since injuring my back. While I’m okay after walking 10km with it, along with picking it up and down as I boarded and changed trains, I also know I need to continue sending it on if I am thinking of the long-term plan. I’ll need to play that by ear. Purists see it as cheating. I see it as doing what is right for me and building it into my Camino plan.

So, I have arrived in León.

I wanted to check out more of the city while I was here but its too expensive to stay more than a night and to be honest, by the time I arrived around 4 pm, all I wanted was food and a soak in the jetted bathtub at my reserved hotel. I intended to get a massage while I was here, but decided to skip the massage in exchange for a jetted tub this time. Time wasn’t on my side, for a massage anyway. Maybe later.

As I made my way to the hotel, I was accosted in the street just past the Cathedral.  As it was Siesta when I arrived, not many people were around and I had a guy approach me and say some pretty unsavoury things to me.  It made me very uncomfortable.  It’s the only time I’ve felt vulnerable on the Camino. Leon wasn’t my favourite place and I found myself sequestering myself into my hotel after that.

It’s a splurge going with a hotel over a hostel but when I researched, found many Albergues booked out. The Camino is now BUSY.  I wish that there had been an Albergue bed available, as I probably would have felt safer in a hostel with other pilgrims around me.   But, I closed my door, and soaked in the jetted tub, letting the dirt and woes disappear.

Tomorrow I walk on….

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