Day 24 of the Camino Wander – Oh! The People! Love It!

May 8, 2018 – Hornillas to Hontanas, Spain.  Camino de Santiago.

A short jaunt today where the kilometres went by quickly due to happiness and good conversations on the way. With an early start to miss some of the heat, the morning mist made the Meseta look mystical.

I met some really lovely people today. Marie, the country singer / nurse who shared her beautiful voice with us, had a very deep conversation about our similar pasts, and who had me giggling during mass (naughty, I know). Then Decklan, the Irish prison guard who had me deep in conversation at dinner as I asked more about his ‘other’ life (as we refer to it on the Camino). And of course Amanda, the retired Doctor, who I’ve been walking with on and off for the last couple of weeks.  I’m really enjoying getting to know better.  I know we’ll be friends for a long time after the Camino.  

The part of my day that had me groaning (internally of course) was when the 80-year-old from Australia’s Sunshine Coast passed us while walking. We spend up to ask him where he was from, how old he was.  It was then he turned and pointed to the back of his pack.  Apparently his girlfriend suggested he put a sign on the back of his pack of his age, because everyone was asking him that question.  He continued on and we took a photo but he walked so fast we almost didn’t get the photo!!  He probably made it to Santiago a week ahead of me (at least!).

I’m sharing a private room with Amanda tonight (vs. sharing with 20 strangers). It’s quiet with the church bell chiming the hour and the last of the sun shining into our attic room. We both needed a quiet night to sleep.  We’re staying in a quaint village tonight that’s filled with pilgrims. The pilgrim dinner table was packed where my table‘s nationalities ranged from The Netherlands, Brazil, Germany, Ireland, and England. Broken English and butchered Spanish was spoken everywhere. I love it.  So many varied conversations and always such great stories. 

Just keep walking…

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