Day 23 of the Camino Wander – Wandering Once Again…

May 7th, 2018.  Burgos to Hornillas, Spain.  Camino de Santiago.  

Well, I ‘cheated’ today. Kind of. They say the Camino is however you decide to do it and I’m taking that to heart.

I took a taxi to the first village out of Burgos. Like entering, I did not want to spend the morning walking on the concrete with the real possibility of aggravating my back anymore, so I took a taxi THEN walked 10km. (Let me share though that the taxi was a Mercedes Benz. Talk about leaving in style!)

I have now entered what is known as the Meseta or the high plains of the Castille.

It is mostly treeless, rolling hills. I’m going to be honest and say, after a day, I’m already over it. I only walked 10km but it was hot with intense sunshine and yet it was only 24 degrees C. My thought was if I wanted to walk this type of environment, I could have stayed in Australia.

The Meseta is the section that beings mental challenges and deep thought but I feel I already had that experience with my recent road trips. I don’t need that reflection time and I’d rather spend the time walking sections I am interested in seeing – and will keep me walking. I just am not keen to do this part and I know enough of myself to know that three days in of sweltering heat, I’ll pack it all in.

So now I’m back to rethinking the idea of walking the Meseta. I can take a bus to Leon and pick up the last 320km from there. (I’ve already walked 360km, according to my Apple Health app.)

I’m taking slow days, so will decide tomorrow what to do.

Oh, and I lost a toenail.  Just thought I’d share that news.  Yeah, you’re welcome.

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