Day 22 of the Camino Wander – Finally Exploring Burgos

May 6th, 2018.  Another Day in Burgos, Spain. Camino de Santiago.

Today was my last day in Burgos. It’s a fun city, alive with local activity.  I’ve really enjoyed the downtime.  I checked out the Cathedral which was the place in Burgos everyone recommended (apart from the Museum, of course). I first had to get over the fact I had to climb stairs to reach the door – not a fun start with a very sore back, but the cathedral was worth it. It was stunning with its architectural details!

Afterward, I sat outside in the sun and just people-watched. It was Mother’s Day in Spain today and seeing flowers everywhere was a pure delight and people appreciating their mothers, so lovely. It made me happy and sad at the same time.

Tomorrow I continue on my Camino Wander. There is more to discover. 

The backpack is re-loaded ready to go tomorrow. I will once again be walking. Yay!!

My back feels back to normal (almost) but then I’ve really been resting and taking it slow. I will continue to go slow the next few days. The Cathedral was the only thing on my agenda today, other than finding food. 

It’s amazing how easy it is to slip back into comforts again. This hotel has been amazing – so comfortable and the staff have been so helpful in my time of need.

I will be forwarding my backpack on, just to ensure I’m not doing any further injury to myself. When I packed it tonight I can feel how much lighter my pack is – I’ve managed to get it down to absolute needs. My backpack now contains only what I use every single day.

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