Day 21 of the Camino Wander – Still in Burgos

May 5th, 2018.  Still in Burgos, Spain.  Camino de Santiago.

It seems like I should be so much further ahead on my Camino walk.

Many finish in 35-45 days but I’ll be lucky to finish it in 60 days at this rate. But, as they say, everyone’s Camino is different. My lesson is one of listening to my body, not getting antsy and knowing my limits.

I took the day slowly today but miraculously I was able to sleep soundly (eventually) and walk around the city a little.

I met up with Amanda at the Museum of Human Evolution today. I am only 30 mins (driving) from Atapuerca where they found remains from 850,000 years ago. In fact, I walked past the archaeological dig only two days ago in Atapuerca. It was an amazing discovery and mind-blowing to see the discoveries in person at the museum!  It was really nice to enjoy the museum with Amanda too.

Afterward we went looking for lunch and decided on churros and hot chocolate because ‘why not’ – life is short and it was amazingly good.

After the sugar crash hit, I had a siesta. This is also a requirement in Spain, don’t you know, and afterwards I spent time writing in my journal before meeting Sharon and Jerry for dinner. They are continuing on their way tomorrow. Always great company and so glad to have met this amazing couple on this journey!

As my physio/massage therapist recommended last night, wine and ibuprofen work well together to relax muscles so I must comply with her directions…right? (And hell, It was a good bottle of local wine.)

So far, the therapist’s advice is working and after a solid rest day, I’m feeling so much better. It may actually be possible to continue my walk on Monday.

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