Day 20 of the Camino Wander – The Day My Wander Ground To A Halt

May 4th, 2018.  Burgos, Spain.  Camino de Santiago.


I began the day slowly, enjoying a comfortable bed in a quiet room.

I had handed over my washing the night before and was still waiting after breakfast for it to be done. While I waited, I checked out my email and chatted with my daughter about our upcoming adventure next month. 

After the washing was finally done, I dressed (for public viewing) and ventured out for something quick to eat for lunch and to pick up a few re-supplies. Not a lot was planned. My plan was to rest for the day.

When I returned to my room, my day came to a screeching halt.

As I hung up my jacket, something went ‘ping’ in my back. My knees buckled and I literally fell on the bed…where I stayed for three hours, not able to move.

I lay there, motionless.  I could not turn.  I could not roll over.  I could not stretch.  I was lucky that my phone was right next to my head when I collapsed. I could research where I could go for help at least.

Eventually, I realised:  no one was coming to help me.  No one could ‘save me’ at this moment.  It was up to me. Wincing, I managed to get to the shower  and (silently screaming in pain) put hot water/heat onto my back for what seemed like an hour. I cried in the shower I was in so much pain but feeling, all at once, very much alone. I knew I could get help –  others were around and had asked if I needed help – but this was different.  This was something else.  I was naked, in pain and I just wanted someone to come and take care of me.  

But that wasn’t my reality nor was it a possibility. After slowly towelling off, I slathered tiger balm into the painful area. Then, after slowly dressing myself, I asked for help of reception at my hotel (#hotelcuentamelepueblo). They were amazing. After seven tries, we found a massage therapist/osteopath nearby. It was technically a 7 minute walk to get there.  It took me 45 minutes. I was in so much pain when I walked in, I was teary. I just needed help.

By 7 pm I walked out of #UltreiaBurgos able to walk again.  I was still in pain, but nothing in comparison.

I have had many massages before but this was the best I’ve ever had. Sara, the osteopath asked questions to me in broken English, but enough for me to understand.  I told her “I’m open for anything.  I just want this pain to go.”  She tried different things, even gave me tips for when I continue my way – because it would be possible for me to continue she said, with some adjustments. She even worked on my calf which she declared was not my Achilles tendon but a muscular issue. Yay.

I was just thankful that I was taken care of and would be able to continue my walk as a result. But she recommended I spend an extra night (or two) in Burgos to give my body the rest it was obviously screaming for, and to send my backpack on for a while. I must have given her a look, because she reminded me that my way was unique to me.  Whatever I had to do to make it to the end is what I must do.

So I will be continuing on My Way but it will wait until Monday.

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