Day 19 of the Camino Wander – Wildflowers and Laughter

May 3, 2018 –  Villafranca Montes de Oca to Burgos, Spain.  Camino de Santiago.


Joining my two ol’ Camino friends, Jerry and Sharon, we laughed our way up out of town.  The climb was steep while the weather tried to decide whether it wanted to be rainy, sunny or just stay cloudy.

We noticed beautiful wildflowers, talked about sketching and blogging, families and books. I really love walking with these two. They make the Camino fascinating and fun.

My heel issues continued however and it was slow going. But that was okay. We had a great lunch in an amazing little restaurant about 20km from Burgos, walked across a 12th-century bridge before we decided to skip the outer parts of Burgos and take a taxi into central Burgos.  Who wants to walk kilometers on that much concrete and through industrial areas?

At first, it felt weird being in a car after 2.5 weeks. Then I felt guilty. THEN I realised two things:

1. Pilgrims back in the day would not have dealt with semitrailers, highway walking and would have hitched a ride any opportunity they had and…

2. My heel issues would not have tolerated the mass amount of concrete I would have had to walk to make it into the city centre.

So now I am in Burgos and plan to rest for two days. I have splurged on a hotel for three nights. I have a king size bed, real sheets, heating, towels, a rain shower with hot water – and someone to do my washing. Best 50 euros a night ever!!  I feel like I am in total luxury.

Oh, and what was to be an 18km day turned out to be 23km. As I mentioned in Day 18 –  the distance is not as it seems. Jerry’s app also showed 100 floors which, if you look at the photos and given our elevation climb, was probably more accurate than mine.

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