Day 15 of the Camino Wander – Time to Re-Assess the Distances

day 15 of the camino wander.POST
Almond trees in bloom
Almond trees in bloom
A Rioja wine cellar.
A Rioja wine cellar.
Heejin and Chong
Heejin and Chong
Clouds Brewing
A medieval festival in Najera.  An event that booked out the town!
A medieval festival in Najera. An event that booked out the town!

April 29th, 2018. Navarette to Najera, Spain. Camino de Santiago.


I kept walking today.  That in itself is a Camino miracle.

While I didn’t sleep as solidly as I’d hoped, I got enough sleep to get up and keep going. I sent my pack ahead, had a good breakfast, and put one foot in front of the other.

I walked a short distance of 18km today. About 4km into the walk I met Heejin and her brother Chong, originally from South Korea. Heejin lives in California, her brother Chong in South Korea and they decided to meet up and walk the Camino together. What a great family this was.  We laughed, bonded and learned so much from each other, it was great!  Heejin even said, something I was certainly feeling, that she felt we’d known each other far longer than a mere few hours.

Through great conversation, these two made the walk easier, even when we got caught in the rain – only a kilometre from town!  Our conversations ranged from corporate politics to K-Pop. An interesting day indeed!

We kept stopping along the way because we are in the magical Rioja district – Spain’s famous wine district – and the scenery is gorgeous. The almond trees are in bloom, gaura is growing wild, the vines are starting to sprout – and the smells are amazing from the wildflowers as you walk on by.

I have made the decision to keep to under 20km a day for a while and continue to send my pack on. I found I enjoy the journey more when I do that and I notice more of what’s around me, not to mention being more satisfied with my journey – and isn’t that the point?

Doing this gives me enough energy to wander the town. I arrived in the town of Najera around 2 pm, so I did my requisite washing before going out to grab some food. I found Heejin and Chong finishing up a meal and they invited me to join them.     Since I still had energy –  what a delight that feeling was – I went for a wander around 6 pm, only to find a medieval festival going on in the village!  It was amazing. (I’d soon find out that it was this long weekend of festivals that would book out towns for the coming days, this one included! Good thing I had booked a few days ahead!)

Ah, the joys of the Camino.  As they say, the Camino provides. ♥️

The wander continues
The wander continues

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Day 15 of the Camino Wander | Travel Far Enough | I found I enjoy the Camino journey more when I shorten my distances and send my backpack forward - and isn’t that the point of the Camino?

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