Day 12 of the Camino Wander – Chills in the Church Had Me Exiting Fast!

day 12 of the camino wander.POST

April 26th, 2018 –  Torres del Rio to Logrono, Spain. Camino de Santiago.


How I manage to get up and do this every day has to be part of the Camino magic. After yesterday’s walk, I thought I was done, but a good night’s sleep restores the soul.

I walked further today than I have before: 27.7 km. But my wander count also included finding a shop to fix my phone, finding food to eat and finding a pharmacy.  I still count those.  It’s still walking! And those places were a hike in their own right!

I left Torres del Rio early, at 6.30 am.  It was pre-dawn. I did not want to walk in the heat again. In fact, it was cloudy and quite chilly. Yahoo! That equates to a good day for walking!! Especially with my backpack sent on ahead again.

I struggled with this aspect of the Camino, quite a lot actually, especially at the beginning.  Sending my backpack forward was not part of my Camino plan, but I found that when I did do it, I could enjoy the Camino Wander so much more. It isn’t a chore anymore.  I get, walking the Camino itself is a pilgrimage.  It’s not supposed to be an easy stroll.  But, for me, the challenge is the kilometers and if I can do the kilometers and not quit, I will make it to the end.

Breakfast was found on the way to Logroño, in Viana.

I made a stop in the church across the way from the restaurant afterwards. The church beaconed to me – to light a candle and to see the history still alive and well. But I am not sure why I felt pulled to it. Especially when I got a very weird vibe and a cold chill (not the kind from the cold) down my back so I was quick to leave!!

Walking into Logroño seemed to take forever but my feet were very tired and I really needed to pee!!

And now, after a delicious salad dinner and doing some feet maintenance, I’m horizontal again. I’m in a dorm room tonight all to myself (and fingers crossed it stays that way!)

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Day 12 of the Camino Wander | Travel Far Enough | How I manage to get up and do this every day has to be part of the Camino magic. A good night’s sleep restores the soul. Then churches tickle the senses!

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