Day 11 of the Camino Wander – Sunshine On My Shoulders Doesn’t Make Me Happy!

April 25th, 2018.  Villamayor de Mon Jardin to Torres del Rio, Spain.  Camino de Santiago.


It was an early start at 7.15 am this morning, heading off for the straight walk of 12km without facilities, just as the sun came up. After a night of sleeping in a room of 12, with the Canadian ladies snoring the room up, it was a hard slog to get going.

But I did and it really was a lovely start to the day. The birds were singing, there was dew in the leaves and a slight breeze kept the temperature chilly.

After a quick break for a cafe con leche and a nibble, I continued on.

This is where I considered maybe I should postpone the continuation of this trek to a cooler time of year. Autumn is a consideration when it would actually be getting cooler across Spain, not hotter.

It wasn’t even that hot today. It was just 21km of beating-down sunshine, an endless dirt track, and no shade to speak of. The last few kilometres were the hardest because, if you didn’t know, almost every town in Spain is built on a freakin’ hill and you have to end your daily trek getting up that hill when you’re already done in.

Yes. The Camino is challenging and 11 days in, I’m ready for another rest day. My body is needing to stretch out. My feet are needing to be elevated. And, I need sleep.

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