Escaping is Good for Your Soul

Everyone needs to escape their daily grind for a while. Your sanity needs it. Your heart needs it. Your soul needs it. Escaping is necessary.

YOU Are Important. Plan Your Escape and Go!

Time and money. Those seem to be the obstacles in getting away. But have you considered that it’s necessary to escape your life, the day to day grind, even if it’s for a few hours? Better yet, a week! Or, a month! It takes planning, yes, but escaping your life once in a while is one of life’s necessities in my opinion.

15 Fun Questions to Ask Your Parents

Want a way to really get to know your parents as an adult? Or at least open up a deeper conversation? Here are 15 great questions to help you!

Why Mount Wellington is on the TripAdvisor ‘Must See’ List

I now understand the reason of why Mount Wellington is on many ‘must see’ lists.  The view is absolutely spectacular. This is not like any lookout I had seen before. It was breathtaking, which would also describe the freezing temperature and altitude affliction we experienced at the top. It’s beyond any other lookout I’ve been to. Even calling it a ‘lookout’ seems unjust.  Calling it a gateway to heaven seems more appropriate.