6 Amazing Destinations on the N.S.W. South Coast

The south coast of N.S.W is beloved by tourists and locals alike. In fact, try and find a place anywhere on the south coast between mid-December and January and you will sorely out of luck. It’s an amazing coastline with a lot of offer. Come see for yourself.

Why I’m Considering Ditching My ‘Living List’

I’ve realised that a list is limiting. It limits you from seeing amazing places that you may not have heard of before and realistically, If I updated the list of places I’m learning about along the way, I would never get to any of them. It would be too overwhelming! So, maybe it’s time to ditch the list and follow my instincts… go with the flow, as it were.

Southern Highlands

48 Hours In…The Southern Highlands

I’ve always loved the Southern Highlands. There’s just a certain class to the area, an elegance to it. Between the soft rolling hills, which always seem to be a luscious green, to the quirky shops and restaurants, there seems to be something for everyone. This is the destination for the romantic weekend getaway, the girl’s weekend retreat or even just a weekend to yourself. So, here’s how to spend 48 hours in The Southern Highlands.

Realising a Life-Long Dream: Westminster Abbey

After studying important architectural structures around the world during my high school days, it had been one of my life goals to visit Westminster Abbey. After 25 years, I was finally going to enter the building I had studied so intensely in high school.

Why You Need to Travel To Truly Live Life

Whatever the budget, a vacation in my mind is one of life’s necessities. Call it: “Living in the New Millennium: Air. Water. Food. Shelter. Clothing. Vacation.”

Escaping is Good for Your Soul

Everyone needs to escape their daily grind for a while. Your sanity needs it. Your heart needs it. Your soul needs it. Escaping is necessary.

YOU Are Important. Plan Your Escape and Go!

Time and money. Those seem to be the obstacles in getting away. But have you considered that it’s necessary to escape your life, the day to day grind, even if it’s for a few hours? Better yet, a week! Or, a month! It takes planning, yes, but escaping your life once in a while is one of life’s necessities in my opinion.