Travel Far Enough’s Top 10 AirBnbs in Australia

After a 10-month road trip through Australia, with many, many nights in Airbnb stays, I’ve stayed in everything from basic to luxury accommodation. I found a haven in each of these Airbnbs. Here are my Top 10 Airbnbs in Australia.

The Mistake I Made About Canberra and Why You Need To Visit

Do you know Canberra is Australia’s Capital City? It’s not somewhere that’s high on the tourist list, but it’s worth a visit. I share why you need to visit, where to visit, where to eat and stay. So put it on your Australian itinerary.


48 Hours in… Melbourne, Victoria.

With 48 hours, we give you a clear itinerary for making the most out of your stay in Melbourne: Where to visit, how to get around, where to stay and even a restaurant or two. Melbourne is quite possibly the best city in Australia (and I’m taking a quite the risk saying that, since I’m from Sydney!) So pack your bags! It is seriously time you visited Melbourne.

10 ways to save money on a roadtrip

10 Ways to Save Money on a Road Trip

Let’s face it, road trips can be costly but they don’t have to be budget blasters. Here are 10 ways to save money on your next road trip.

Discovering Australia Through AirBnbs

While travelling indefinitely, we’re discovering AirBnbs to be invaluable. Not only do they provide space to spread out, constant WiFi and washing facilities, but some offer truly unique stays. For our Aussie 10 month road trip, we’re finding them to be cheaper than holiday parks and hotels! This is definitely the way to go!


4 Places to Swim Safely in Cairns

Stingers (jellyfish) and Crocodiles are a real threat in Far North Queensland. Beaches are often closed because of one, or both, of these factors. It’s something that can be very frustrating when it’s hot and humid and you just want to dive into the sparkling turquoise water.

So where can you get out of the heat and dip into cool, refreshing water?

Hotels vs. Airbnb

When booking accommodation, you now have a choice: Hotel or Airbnb. And it all comes down to providing travellers what they need – and want. Here’s our take…and what we prefer nowadays.

Our Secret Beach Getaway

There are so many places in Australia to go for that “beach getaway”. Australia has some amazing locations for beach camping. There is one we’ve found however that surpasses the rest.

Why You Should Consider The YHA Metro in Melbourne

I have been reading about hostels for years and for whatever reason, missed the boat on the hostel experience while backpacking through Europe in my 20s. Budget accommodation was found elsewhere, in cheap hotels or B&Bs. Yet, I was always fascinated with the concept because of my budget-travel mindset. After hearing about the Melbourne YHA (Youth Hostels Association) Metro from a number of sources, I thought it would add a different element to our Melbourne Adventure. After all, our travel mantra is “Try Something Different”.

10 Audiobooks You’ll Love For Your Next Adventure

For any travellers, there is inevitable downtime. Whether it’s sitting at an airport waiting for your next flight or cruising down a lonely stretch of highway, a good audio book serves as a great way to distract, entertain, or educate. The best ones do all of the above. Here is a list of some of our favourites we’ve enjoyed over the years.

The Ultimate in Road Tripping: Free Camping

Our latest Tip: Free Camping! It allows you to park just about anywhere your vehicle can take you. Most times, you’re free of people, noise, and light and best of all, it’s free.

Planning a Campervan Roadtrip to the Outback

We are using this as an opportunity to test drive the campervan as an option for our even larger road trip: Our (re) Discover Australia road trip. Here’s the process we went through to plan our Outback N.S.W. road trip.

Favourite Travel Booking Sites

Want a great, reliable site to book your next getaway? We’ve tried many, but these are the ones we love and use. Expedia, TripAdvisor,, Trivago…

19 Apps You Need to Travel on a Budget Featured Image

19 Travel Apps You Need to Travel on a Budget

With the smaller jaunts we’ve been taking, we’ve been testing out the apps we use when we travel. We’ve listed out the 19 apps we find we can’t live without. Many help us stay within budget too, which is always a bonus!

A Frugal’s Day at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

Do kids today know where the eggs they eat come from, besides from the grocery store? That’s what the Sydney Royal Easter show aims to address: ‘City meets Country’, allowing the rural communities of Australia to be celebrated once a year.

How to Realize a Dream When You Have No Money

Have you ever wanted to do something but knew you couldn’t because you didn’t have the money? Have you dreamed of a place you’ve always wanted to visit, but just couldn’t see a way through the financial maze to get there?

Popping our AirBnB Cherry

We are no longer AirBnB virgins! I’ve got say, we loved the experience. And, like that other experience, we had plenty of nervous anticipation…

From grunge bars, to Pike Place Market; from Bainbridge Island to finding nirvana, Seattle has it all. Join us on our 24 hour Seattle binge trip.

24 Hours in… Seattle

From grunge bars, to Pike Place Market; from Bainbridge Island to finding nirvana, Seattle has it all. Join us on our 24 hour Seattle binge trip.

How Not To Be a Git When Camping.

Humans are territorial by nature. We want our space. We need it. Most of the time, we get what we want. Camping is no different. Then, along comes the camper that thinks he/she is above all that. So, here are out tips on how NOT to be a git when camping.

Discovering Australia: Planes, Trains or Automobiles?

There’s a saying amongst Aussie travellers that everyone should do ‘The Big Lap’. As in, taking a road trip around Australia. But is a road trip the only way – or even the right way – to see Australia? Check out our Pros and Cons List for all of the options!

How To Plan a Budget-Friendly Road Trip

We’ve taken many road trips and over the years, have worked out how to do it inexpensively without feeling like we’re missing out on anything along the way. Check out our 10 Ways to Plan a Budget Friendly Road Trip.

3 of the Best Beaches to Camp in NSW

We’ve discovered some unique gems in NSW for beach camping. Here are what we consider as the best of some really fantastic options available.

Why Mount Wellington is on the TripAdvisor ‘Must See’ List

I now understand the reason of why Mount Wellington is on many ‘must see’ lists.  The view is absolutely spectacular. This is not like any lookout I had seen before. It was breathtaking, which would also describe the freezing temperature and altitude affliction we experienced at the top. It’s beyond any other lookout I’ve been to. Even calling it a ‘lookout’ seems unjust.  Calling it a gateway to heaven seems more appropriate.