Emptying The Nest: Trying Not to Lose the Plot!

I will admit, these are trying days. It’s only days until our girl heads to Uni. On one hand, I am ready to just kick her to the kerb. On the other hand, it’s only 5 days before our daughter leaves for University. It will be like losing a limb. While I know it will be liberating for her to be on her own, it still will be a massive change for us all. Which is part of why I’ve said ‘fuck it, I’m going travelling’ rather than dealing with the pain and isolation of the empty nest.

It’s Time To Embrace The Big Purge!

When faced with an indefinite, long-term, ‘Round The World adventure, it’s shocking how brutal you must become with your belongings. It was emotional, but honestly, there’s nothing like a good purge to simplify your life!

The Great Australian Road Trip, The Frugal Way

How do you find a cost effective solution to travel around Australia? Not buying a campervan, for one. We dug deep, looked at ways we could be frugal, and yet see and do everything we wanted to…

A Realistic Review of Herculaneum and Pompeii

Natalie writes for the blog once again…After a year of learning about Pompeii and Herculaneum, finally seeing it right in front of me was a confronting experience. I expected something else…

Rome…Through the Lens

As Nat is a lover of Ancient History, Rome was the perfect place to start our tour … and her first visit to Europe to boot. Here is Rome…Through The Lens.

Oh! How I love my Mountain Designs Escape 40L Daypack

One of the dilemmas I’ve had, planning for our long-term travel plan, is to find a backpack that will fit every adventure we have planned. I needed a pack that would suit everything from travelling in a campervan to staying in luxury hotels. And then there’s the plan to walk the Camino De Santiago in Spain: 800km over a two-month period (give or take). I needed a pack that would fit all those needs. I think the Mountain Designs Escape 40L Daypack may be just the ticket…

England: Is it Smarter to Take the Train or to Rent a Car?

Weighing the pros and cons of choosing between train travel and renting a car can be tough. Especially when travelling around England. If you’re planning on staying in London, it’s a no-brainer: neither. But if you’re going outside of the city, it’s a decision you need to consider: Train or Car?

Have You Ever Wondered About The Path You’re On?

Have you ever followed a path only to wonder if it was the right path to take? This year, I wrote a post about “Stopping the Highlight Reel”. It’s time I did that with you—to stop sharing my own highlight reel with you.

Has the Internet Ruined the Wonder of Travel for Kids?

As I looked around to others of her generation on our travels, I began to have this crushing sense of disappointment for future generations. Where is their curiosity? Where is their imagination and wonder of these places, without the internet revealing it to them? When are they going to put their damn phones down to just be in the moment?

Geek’s Guide to the Colosseum & Roman Forum

The Colosseum and Forum are, inarguably, two of the most famous icons of ancient Rome. As the centre of activity in the ancient world, thousands of people gathered daily for entertainment, commerce and rituals.

An Afternoon in Paris

An afternoon in Paris. Sounds delightful, oui? We managed to see the Notre Dame, the Pont Neuf, the Louvre, the Jardin Des Tuileries, the Champs Elysée, the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. We had walked over 18k steps and 16 kilometres, all in 6 hours. Yeah, we know how to make the most of our time.

Discovering The World Through Food Tours

I have finally unlocked the secret to finding the true essence of a city: food tours. My new mission, and I choose to accept it, is to explore food tours in each city I visit. I want to find the true essence of the city in this way.

Indulging in The Sweet Taste of Venice

I’ve come to realize that in order to get the best experience of a destination, you need to embark on a food tour. Especially when it’s guided by a local. Not only do you learn about the gestational habits, but you also learn more about the community and its unique history.

How to Experience the Best of Rome

Rome is a crazy city.  It’s ‘in your face’ at every turn.  It’s fast paced.  It’s crowded. It’s gritty.

Really. There’s nothing like it.  Tourists and locals meld together where you hear a constant melting pot of accents. Locals gesture vividly as they speak, just as you would expect. Scooters zoom through the narrow lanes, fighting for their place amongst the zippy cars in the dense traffic.

All of these things make Rome fabulous.  

Rome – Where Are Your Manners?

Rome is very much an ‘in your face’ city. Everything is loud and brash. The streets are insanely crowded. Vendors incessantly harass walkers on the sidewalks, despite your emphatic shake of the head or polite ‘no’.
I can’t necessarily blame the Romans. I just have to wonder if some of the kindness found in other Italian cities can be brought to Rome as well someday?