How We Can Help

Our goal is to help you achieve your travel dreams.

Broulee Island
Whether a camping trip over a weekend, or a robust round the world adventure, people connect through travel.
We find ourselves.
We have spent the last 25 years travelling. Not all at once. Sometimes it’s a quick weekend getaway. Sometimes we’ve been gone for months at a time.
Every time we’ve packed our bags, we’ve reconnected. Every time.
We’ve dealt with deaths in our family, custody changes, new relationships, old relationships; through all of this, travelling balances us.
We can catch our breath and refocus on what’s important:
Living Our Life.

Our Goal

We want to inspire you to take the leap to make changes in your life. We want to give you an opportunity to say ‘uncle’ too, to find your way to reconnect again.

How do we aim to do that?

We’ll provide inspiration to accessible places with budgets in mind.
We want you to go and create fantastic memories in your life.  Live the life you want to live.
Life is too short to live a life of obligation.  You’re not obligated to anyone or anything.  Only yourself.
We’ll provide travel tips that actually make sense.
We’ll provide solid information based on our own experiences.
We’ll tell you about great products that will make your travels both smooth and enjoyable. It’s the stuff we can’t live without when we travel – giving you an easy place to find and buy them for yourself!
We’ll suggest great places to stay, unbelievable experiences and opportunities you should not miss out on.  We’ll even provide links so you can book right then and there.
Most of all, we’ll suggest tried and true ways to connect, so that you can find your own path.

Our goal: To inspire you to live the life you dream of living.

Beach Walker


“I don’t have time.”
“I don’t have the money.”
“It’s all too much for me right now to deal with.”
“My partner won’t go for it.”
“My schedule is just too busy.”
Yep, we’ve crossed all those barriers too.
We are here to help you find the time, the money, the headspace. We’ll provide ways to convince others that travelling is a great idea.
Most importantly, we’ll help you realize that you HAVE to do this – for your health, for your sanity and for the future of your important relationships.


We know travel has improved our lives. We have great stories to share that will resonate with you.
From girly road trips to romantic couple getaways, camping adventures, and solo retreats, we’ve learned that travel reconnects us. By tossing the obligatory life, we are allowing ourselves to live.

Want to join our community and join this amazing journey with us?