Hi there.  I’m Tara Marlow.  I am the writer and photographer behind Travel Far Enough.

I guess I’ve always wanted to travel. I can’t remember ever NOT wanting to travel. I have a bucket list (or Living List, because I live for this list) that would make most people’s heads spin. While life has thrown me some curveballs, the one constant has always been travel.

I am an Aussie ‘girl’ who moved to America in her 20s and moved home again in her 40s.

For the majority of my time in America, I worked for a large corporation,  spending 70-80 hours a week in a job I liked, but didn’t love. When I was at home, I’d often respond to requests from my family with “give me five minutes”, but usually getting back to them HOURS later.

Something had to give. 


Comfortable and looking good.


After a 13-day, 11-state road trip with my daughter Natalie, my life changed completely.

My eyes were opened to what I was missing out on.

That road trip changed my life. Possibly even saved it.




I realised how short life is. I discovered the time I was giving to my family was non-existent. Add health issues, both mental and physical, and yeah, I was failing at life. I wasn’t living. I was existing. And barely existing at that.

I decided it was time to get off the corporate ladder and take my life back. On MY terms.


I ditched the desk and became a freelance writer and photographer.


In 2017, my nest became empty. I decided it was time to donate all of our worldly goods and fly the nest too, to do what I’ve dreamed of doing in years: Travel full time.

After a 10-month road trip through Australia that began in March 2017I left Australia in early 2018 to wander the world. I had great adventures where I:

  • Road tripped through New Zealand on a DIY tiki-tour.
  • Drove from San Francisco to L.A., across to Texas via the Grand Canyon and Santa Fe, and then north to Chicago.
  • Spent five days exploring the south coast of Iceland.
  • Reacquainted myself with the south of England.
  • Walked 800km across Spain completing the Camino de Santiago.
  • Spent three weeks exploring Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka in Japan with my daughter.
  • Housesat all over place – in Tasmania & Victoria (Australia), Reading (England), Chicago (U.S.), Vancouver (Canada) and Portland (Oregon).
  • Re-discovered parts of the U.S. including Chicago (again), Portland and Santa Fe (again), and finally Canada, which I’d never been to before.Mount Oberon, At Wilsons Prom

In 2019, the adventures continued with my partner, onwards into 2020.


  • Spent the first three months exploring Tasmania;
  • Housesat for 3 weeks in the English Countryside;
  • Spent time exploring Paris;
  • Walked ANOTHER Camino Wander during April/May/June before heading to Portugal.
  • Now we’re back in Tasmania, because it’s a place we love and where we feel most at home.  And, it’s where I’m writing not one, but two, books. 

My travel adventures are indefinite.

Right now, I’m enjoying the down time in Tasmania, to get some work done, reflect on what’s important and plan next steps. And, there’s also that virus that has swept the world that put the halt on travel too. Sometimes that’s not a bad thing. I’ve kind of liked this forced isolation.

For now, it’s heads down and writing.  My debut fiction, Camino Wandering, is now available.  Another fiction is in the works.  Maybe with a little exploration thrown in, when and where we can.


If you’d like to follow my writing adventure, you can do so here:

Website:  www.thecrackpotwriter.com

Facebook:  The Crackpot Writer




(Good, I have lots more to share!)

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