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Hi there.  I’m Tara Marlow.  I am the writer and photographer behind Travel Far Enough.

I guess I’ve always wanted to travel. I can’t remember ever NOT wanting to travel.   I have a bucket list (or Living List, because I live for this list) that would make most people’s heads spin. While life has thrown me some curveballs, the one constant has always been travel.

I am an Aussie ‘girl’ who moved to America in her 20s and moved home again in her 40s.

For the majority of my time in America, I worked for a large corporation.  I was working 70-80 hours a week in a job I liked but didn’t love. When I was at home, I’d often respond to requests from my family with “give me five minutes”, but usually getting back to them HOURS later.


Tara Marlow 2017 Small


After a 13-day, 11-state road trip with my daughter Natalie, my life changed completely.  My eyes opened to what I was missing out on.





I realised just how short life is. I discovered that the time I was giving to my family was non-existent. Add health issues, both mental and physical, and simply put, I was failing at life.  I was existing.  I wasn’t living.  And barely existing at that.

I decided that it was time to hang up the corporate ladder and take my life back. On MY terms.


I ditched the desk and became a freelance writer and photographer.


In 2017, my nest became empty. I decided it was time to fly too and do what I’ve dreamed of doing in years:  Travel full time.

After a 10-month road trip through Australia in 2017, I left Australia in early 2018 to wander the world.

In 2018, I:

  • Road tripped through New Zealand on a DIY tiki-tour.

  • Drove from San Francisco to L.A., across to Texas via the Grand Canyon and Santa Fe, and then north to Chicago.

  • Spent five days exploring the south coast of Iceland.

  • Reacquainted myself with southern England.

  • I walked 800km across Spain completing the Camino Frances, aka the Camino de Santiago.

  • I explored England for another three weeks.

  • I spent three weeks in Japan, exploring Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.

  • I’ve housesat all over place – in Tasmania & Victoria (Australia), Reading (England), Chicago (U.S.), Vancouver (Canada) and Portland (Oregon).

  • I spent 2.5 months discovering parts of the U.S. I’ve not seen in a while including Chicago, Portland and Santa Fe, and Canada, which I’d never been to with my partner-in-crime.

In 2019, I:

  • Spent 3 months exploring Tasmania;

  • Housesat for 3 weeks in the English Countryside;

  • Spent time exploring Paris ;

  • …And now will embark on another Camino Wander for the European summer.

My travel adventures are indefinite, so who knows where I will go next.  I have a vague itinerary roughed out, but I’ll need a bit of down time to plan out next steps.  Well that and downtime is needed to get some much-needed sleep!


Mount Oberon


In my corporate life, I worked as a project manager, a process improvement analyst, a bids manager, a sales contracts administrator, a sales manager, a tech support manager, an escalation lead….zzzzzz.

In 2011, I left the corporate world to pursue my passions…writing and photography.  That’s when life got interesting.


Believe it or not, this was a working trip!


(Good, I have lots more to share!)

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I’ve grabbed life by the horns.

Isn't it your turn now?




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