How 3 Bloggers Ditched the Desk to Pursue their Dream Life

As I’ve always said, life is too short not to make the leap to live your dream life!
I’m always stalking other travel bloggers.  I’m curious about other bloggers who have ditched their desks and are now pursuing the life of their dreams. Bloggers are always eager to share their stories.
You know our story, so here are some of the bloggers I stalk, eager to share their stories with you.

The Freedom Travellers

Victoria & Elaina – The Freedom Travellers

We made the decision to quit our jobs to travel the world back in December 2013. This decision was made on a month long trip to Sri Lanka over Christmas and New Year, it was on this same trip that we started our blog. We took some time on that trip to really decide what we wanted our lives to look like and quickly came to the conclusion that we wanted to get out of the rat race.
So often, we get caught up in work. We become defined by job roles and things like hiring and firing people, completing projects, deadlines, managing budgets and office politics begin to take priority over everything else. We become too tired to live our own lives. We wanted more freedom and choice in our lives so we knew we had to make a change! Working 50+ hours a week stuck behind a desk and living for the weekend just wasn’t cutting it any more.
At the time, we had some money saved so we had a bit of a buffer there that would allow us the time to come up with some creative ways to earn money on the road. We now have multiple streams of income, one of which is our blog. We didn’t earn any money from our blog for the first 18 months, mainly because we had no idea that we could make money from our blog!
Since then we’ve learned to diversify and took a few tips from Tim Ferris’ book The Four Hour Work Week. As a result, we now run a network marketing business from home as well as our blog and we also take short contracts and work with clients on their social media and event management when it makes sense for us. We choose how we spend our time now and having a diverse income means that we have way more time than when we were exchanging time for money in a job!
The one piece of advice we’d give to anyone thinking about quitting their jobs to blog full time is to really think about how you can monetize your skill set outside of blogging and hustle hard. Blogging can be a slow burn in terms of cash flow, there’s a lot of free stuff on offer, which is awesome but not much in terms of income when you’re first starting out. Talk to other people who have achieved what you want to achieve and ask for their advice. This lifestyle is amazing but it still takes work!
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The Venurists

Jen & Sean – The Venturists

After years of working as a director for a Fortune 500 company, I was burnt out. Projects required me to travel (not the fun kind) 3 weeks per month, so I was basically having a long-distance relationship with my wife. At one point, I was on the road, implementing a new system that no one wanted and that they were fighting tooth and nail. I thought to myself, “Life is short, and we only get once chance. Is this what I want to spend my life doing?”
When I got home from that trip, my wife and I discussed a change. We’d always loved traveling, taking one month (unheard of in the USA) a year to explore destinations in Africa, Australia, and Asia. We wondered if we could travel full time, and discovered a world of people out there already doing it. They called themselves “travel bloggers” and it sounded like exactly what we were looking for. We spent nearly a year planning, starting with reality-testing a budget, to selling our house, cars, and most of our things. Finally driving away from our place in California in a rental car that we would be leaving at the San Diego airport was both exhilirating and terrifying. That was nearly three years ago, and we’re still travelling. Right now, I’m writing this from our Airbnb apartment in Split, Croatia.
Travel blogging and writing doesn’t make us a lot of money, and it’s more work than many people will make you believe. These days I still spend an enormous amount of time in front of my laptop and on my phone, but at least the view in front of me is always changing. And, I’m working on things that interest me, and as cliché as it is, not working for “the man.” The only office politics I have to deal with is looking across the table and negotiating with my wife where we should grab lunch or dinner.
One smart thing I did was, instead of outright quitting my job and just walking away, was to sign a consulting agreement with my existing employer. I continued to earn money remotely (at a consulting rate far higher than my old hourly rate equivilent) for over two years, before phasing out those gigs. Going through a huge lifestyle change like this stressful enough – if you can manage to keep earning some income while you’re on the road, that can ease some of that stress!

Peanuts or Pretzels

Josh & Liz – Peanuts or Pretzels

Growing up, I had an intense love for travel and exploration. I wanted to see and experience as much of this world as possible.  I also knew that I wanted to work for myself or own some kind of business…but I just didn’t know how or what.
As an adult, I did what so many think they are supposed to do – I spent years in business school and climbed the good ol’ corporate ladder.  I was proud at what I had accomplished, but not fully satisfied
My passion was in the travel industry, and I was lucky to have had a few jobs in tourism already.  Over the years I had dabbled in being a travel agent too, and my friends, family, and coworkers often told me that I should start a blog to share my travel knowledge and tips.
I had seriously considered it blogging since 2005 – but I never made it happen…until after I got married in 2012.  At that time, my husband and I were fortunate to live a comfortable lifestyle; however, we felt that working tirelessly for someone else just to collect material things wouldn’t bring ultimate happiness.  We both wanted something different.
Then in 2013 we realized that many other people were actually traveling and working as “digital nomads” – including blogging.  This fascinated us, so we learned more.  We started our blog at home and gave ourselves one year to see how we liked it, and to save our money. Then in the summer of 2014 – we sold it ALL and hit the road!
We set a limit on our savings account that would give us plenty to rebuild back at home, telling ourselves that if we dipped below that level we would return. As of today, we haven’t stepped foot in our home country in more than 2 years!  We’ve lived and traveled in so many countries, had amazing experiences, and met wonderful people.
We didn’t even try to start monetizing our blog for well over a year.  But even then, we didn’t get the hang of it until closer to the 3 year mark.  For us, we never thought of the blog as the long-term money-maker, but rather, a springboard into other business ventures.  Luckily, that plan worked out and we now have numerous business ventures that came from the blog.
We feel fortunate to truly love our life and work, but it’s not all sunsets and beaches.  It has been some of the hardest work we’ve ever done, and it has tested every fiber of our being.
The thing to keep in mind is that this job is a major challenge, and you will put in LONG hours for years before feeling like you’ve gotten anywhere.  That can take a toll on you.
But in the end, if it’s truly what you love, then all the work is more than worth it.


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