10 Reasons Why Having An Empty Nest ROCKS!

Now I love my daughter.  Dearly.  She is the highlight of my life and I can only hope I have bestowed some wisdom upon her to successfully forge her way in life.

She’s been out of the nest now for 4 months and while there are some days I really miss her (like really, really miss her), most days I don’t mind so much not that she’s no longer in my nest.

There I said it.  I’m sure to gain a lot of flak from her on that.  As long as she knows it’s in the same vein as how I look forward to watching her spread her wings and watch her fly, we’ll be good.To help combat the horrid empty nest syndrome, because I knew it would hit me hard, I left the nest myself.

I decided to travel.  Full time.  Hit the road Jack and never look back.  Something I’d been dreaming of doing for years.

But I admit I’m engulfed with guilt whenever I think of leaving my child without a nest to return to.  A safe place for her to call home away from University.

Instead, I’m offering her a different perspective on life. My choice of full time travel is still something of an anomaly.

I’m living my life outside the box.  I want my daughter to learn from my example and follow her own dreams.  She can choose the life she wants for herself.  She can make her own nest best suited for her and we both get to learn the best way to follow our new paths.  Of course, she can join her step dad and I anytime she likes and enjoy a bit of a holiday too.

Since the nest is empty, I’ve discovered that there are some real advantages to having it so.  It’s without a doubt a fantastic change.

While some see having an empty nest as a Debbie Downer, I believe it’s all in the attitude.

Here are the Top 10 reasons why having an empty nest truly rocks:

  1. You don’t have to get up for the bloody school run! If you want to sleep in, go for it.  If you want to stay in bed all day, go for it.  Well, within reason and within circumstance of course.
  1. You don’t have to nag your kid anymore about homework, assignments, assessments, studying etc. They are (technically) adults now so it’s their responsibility to keep up.
  1. There is no argument about who gets to lick the bowl and spoon after making a cake or cookies. I win!  Every time!
  1. You don’t have to listen to the school ground gossip every single day. You know what I’m talking about.  The stories of who likes whom, who slept with whom, who started this fight or that… Although Uni gossip escalates to a whole new level and it’s entertaining.  You don’t have to try to work out if your child’s feelings are hurt and how best to sooth those ruffled feathers.
  1. You’re constantly surprised to find that $50 you took out of the ATM is STILL there a few days later.That the money didn’t suddenly disappear into school lunches, forgotten excursions you had to pay for, gifts for school friends etc..  If the money isn’t there, it’s because of something you spent it on, like when you stopped for a coffee or the takeaway you bought on a whim.
  1. Speaking of school lunches, you save a lot by not having to buy them. Like ALOT of money, even if you’re kid used to take his/her own lunch!
  1. You’re no longer forced to listen to (bad) music in the car or from their room. OK, OK, some of it was okay. We were enlightened enough to admit K-Pop wasn’t too bad.
  1. You can save money on washing detergent and your water bill. No more washing school uniforms, extra towels, sheets etc. Hell, you can go a week or two without having to do a load.  (Two weeks is pushing it when you live out of a suitcase.)
  1. You can run errands and get distracted by whatever shop you want because you don’t have a teenager hanging off you, moaning about how much time you’re taking.
  1. You can sell everything, pack your own bag and travel wherever the hell you want to, as long as you have eMail, SMS, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram… and a phone, you know, in case they actually want to speak with you.

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