Our 10 Month Australian Road Trip

Australia is a damn big country.  I think that’s an obvious statement, but when trying to plan a ten-month road trip to explore the nooks and crannies, ten months seems like a speck of time.  There is much to see!  Not that we expect to see it all, of course.

When travelling Australia, many people tend to drive the circumference of the continent.  ‘The Big Lap’ it’s called.  Yes, it’s an actual term here.

We decided against doing that.  We’re bucking form by NOT doing ‘The Big Lap’ and I love that.

Instead, we’re focusing our time on the places we’ve dreamed of instead. The places that ignite our curiosity.  Places we’ve travelled through previously where we’ve said, “I’d like to come back here, spend more time exploring.”We departed from Sydney at the beginning of March 2017.  

We’d been based in Sydney for four years and truth be known, we won’t be sad to leave. Sydney is great to visit, don’t get me wrong and we explored the places we wanted to, while living there.  It’s a great place to visit but we didn’t enjoy living there.  I think we’ve realized, through travelling, that we are more ‘country’ minded.

Our travel intent is, always, to travel slowly. Immerse ourselves in the places we explore. If a place looks interesting, we’ll stop and spend as much time as we can there.  Housesitting helps us do that.

And yet, our initial itinerary of travelling full time certainly didn’t seem like we were travelling slowly.

We had some events happen in the beginning months of our travels that we’re planning around:  Our ten-year wedding anniversary trip to the Cairns area, including the Great Barrier Reef; promises to our daughter that we will stay ‘within shouting distance’ for a little while, while she continues to settle at Uni; and then to be present for her 18th birthday in Canberra. We also promised to rent out a limousine from Dream Limousines birthdays and the likes so she and  her friends can enjoy a luxurious night. Here was our plan:

March 2017: 

A weekend in Canberra.  Time to see our girl before we headed off (and took those ‘oh, but I really wish I’d brought that with me’ items to her, as homesickness kicked in.)  We’ve learned a lot about Canberra from our recent visits, which you can read about here.

One week of beach camping on the Eurobodalla and Sapphire Coasts (N.S.W South Coast down to the Victorian border) – you can read about that amazing adventure here.

We spent ten days in Cairns, exploring the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest for our anniversary.  We have multiple posts about that adventure, but start with this post and then this post.

We finished the month housesitting in the N.S.W. Southern Highlands.


April, 2017.

We continued our Housesitting in the N.S.W. Southern Highlands before heading south for Easter, staying in a converted church, in the N.S.W. Snowy Mountains.

One week was hiking in the N.S.W. Snowy Mountains area, staying in a 60 year old heritage cabin.

Then it was 10 days housesitting in the Gippsland area in Victoria which was an interesting place to be.  Think of where you would send someone in the Witness Protection Program and that, for us, was this area. We wrote about it, but took the post down due to the immense amount of hate mail received by the locals. Yes, seriously.  And it wasn’t a bad post!May

After housesitting in the Gippsland area at the beginning of the month, we headed back to Canberra for our daughter’s 18th birthday, returning via the Victorian Highlands.  It was a gorgeous area.

From there, we drove down the Victorian coast, staying in a lighthouse and then in a cabin in an amazing wildlife area, before finishing the month in the Bellarine Area in Victoria, where we housesat on a 5 acre farm.


June – July

Housesitting in the Bellarine in Victoria.  We stayed on a 5-acre property and pet sitting 3 dogs, 10 goats, and 20 chickens.   It was amazing.  With two months to explore the area, we saw as much of the area as possible.  Of course, the housesitting responsibilities came first.  Honestly, it was good to catch our breath and plan for our next phase, got some writing done… and spent time taking the dogs on long walks.August – October

Go west, young son!  We headed west on the Great Ocean Road, stopped for a great stay on Kangaroo Island, before another great Airbnb stay in Adelaide in South Australia.

From there, it was Port Augusta and Port Lincoln before crossing the Nullarbor, which was its own grand adventure,.

We headed down to Esperance and Albany, then northwest to Bunbury, the Margaret River, and then Perth, with a few housesits along the way to keep the expenses down.October –  December.

In October we headed back across the Nullabor to take the ferry down to Tasmania to explore the island for a couple of months. We love Tasmania.  It is largely an undiscovered gem by most tourists coming to Australia.   But there are other  in Australia too.

We housesat in South Hobart, which was looking after more goats and chickens, along with a muster of excited dogs.

We stayed in some amazing Airbnbs throughout Australia, but the year was finished in the top Airbnb just south of Hobart before plans to go abroad came to fruition in 2018.

It will be our last stop in Australia before we head overseas.For the rest of our plan, see our larger itinerary

We hope you’ll stay tuned for more from the road.  Better yet, join our community for the inside track!

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  1. April 30, 2017 / 9:07 am

    I agree. It is such a great way to see the country and keep the costs down! And get your fix with fur babies, without the full responsibility of having them yourself.

  2. April 18, 2017 / 5:30 pm

    We are currently house sitting in Maitland……. I love this lifestyle

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