10 Fun Facts About Us

1. Rode a camel in Australia’s outback –  without falling off or getting bitten.

2. Zip-lined through Hawaii’s Big Island rainforest –  without freaking out.

3. Whitewater rafted down the Franklin River in Tasmania – without drowning.

4. Survived a Texas Tornado –  with a wine glass in hand.

5. Hiked through snow in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park –  in shorts.

6. Drank French champagne and ate primo caviar on a French Naval ship –  by personal invitation by some officers.

7. Snorkelled the Big Island of Hawaii – without touching a turtle (it’s illegal you know, which is a fact someone needs to share with the turtles!).

8. Skied Tahoe’s Heavenly Mountain – and fell off the chair lift.

9. Stayed in an underground cave in Australia’s Coober Pedy –  without getting claustrophobic.


10. Have been chased by emus –  for a bag of potato chips.